SWODBuild to a Heavy Complex:1 Hang Power Snatch2 Power Snatches3 Overhead Squats WODAMRAP 10:12 Deadlifts9 Overhead Squats6 Hang Power Snatches Barbell: 115/80


SWODThe Double Under (For those who have double Unders and want the extra challenge… Complete “Flight Simulator” with a 10 minute cap.)”Flight Simulator”5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 Then back down. Unbroken sets is all that counts. If you...


Partner WOD 25 Minute AMRAPPacer = 300 Meter Run (30 Reps)Inside Work:20 Shoulder 2 Overhead 95/6515 Calorie Row10 Toes 2 Bar Increase the weight each roundRound 2: 115/80Round 3: 135/95Round 4: 155/105Round 5: 175/115Round 6 195/130Round 7: 215/145Round 8:...


WODTeams of 33 Rounds:4 Minute Bike Calories3 Minute Wall balls (20/14)2 Minute Deadlifts 225/155 One person working at a time. Score is max reps + calories as a team.


Partner WOD10 Minute AMRAP 7 Hand Release Push-ups7 Ring Dips7 Handstand Push-ups Then: 10 Minutes to build to a Heavy Complex: 1 Power Clean1 Hang Squat Clean1 Squat Clean Then: 10 Minute AMRAP 7 Power Cleans 7 Hang Squat Cleans 7 Squat Cleans Barbell: 115/85 Score...


SWODStrict Press Build to a heavy 5-rep WODAMRAP 12:10 Strict Presses (95/65)25 Double Unders10 Strict Pull-ups25 Double Unders