CrossFit The Point is a place where all levels of aspiring athletes meet to achieve new levels of fitness. CrossFit The Point is located in Bluffdale, Utah and is a 6,000 Sqft facility. The size and openness of this facility makes it possible for each athlete to have their own area to workout and it allows for an atmosphere to inspire athletes to reach their goals. CrossFit The Point is more than just a gym. We are a community of individuals who are in the business of bettering ourselves. CrossFit The Point is staffed with some of the best trainers in the area. The trainers all have multiple certifications and are focused on helping the members of CrossFit The Point move better, become stronger, live healthier, and push each individual’s limits in a safe and controlled environment. CrossFit The Point has become a home away from home for many of our members and are always open to meeting new people and bringing new people, of all levels, into our box.