Good morning!

First off, a couple of announcements/Reminders.

Dexabody Side Hustle
Dexabody is coming this Wednesday! I told them to give me until tomorrow to fill the evening slots before they limit it to only the morning. We only have 1 person signed up in the evening which isn’t enough for them to stay. So if you want to get scanned as part of the 3rd quarter side hustle and/or get scanned for the 4th quarter side hustle, get signed up right now please.
Here’s the link:

Lockdown Fall 2020
This is sneaking up on us as well! October 9th is only a couple of weeks away so get your partner and get signed up through the app’s Pre-order section.
Dave and I got together this past week and have put together the programming! It’s going to be fun for sure. Can’t wait to watch you all take on these workouts.

Broken Record Barbell Club
Yesterday, our in-house barbell club showed up and killed yesterday’s Olympic Lifting meet! The best part of my weekend was watching these peeps lift. I am amazed and proud at the technical prowess and strength I saw on full display. If you have not seen these lifts then go to Broken Record Barbell Club’s Facebook page to see them all.
I asked Coach Chad to give us a run down of our competitors and their performance.

Coach Chad:
“Well the Point’s in house Olympic Weightlifting Barbell club went out to compete in the first live meet since Covid hit. Many safety precautions were required in order to pull this thing off. Everyone did their part and the meet was a success, especially for our Broken Record club. This crew has put in at least 12 solid weeks of GRIND. Some of them more like 24+ weeks with back to back cycles and no meets in sight. I’ll be the first to admit some of the work isn’t fun. Weightlifting has its ups and downs. You have to love it and love the challenge in order to stick with it. Everyday is not a PR day, in fact sometimes you can’t even hit 80-90% or you may finish a whole cycle without PRing. And as you get better at weightlifting the PRs come fewer and further between. But these people love it and the technique PRs happen almost daily. We breakdown the lifts into pieces and drill your faults and weaknesses over and over. Some of us dislike and avoid particular movements in CrossFit because we aren’t good at them. In weightlifting we focus on and repeat those things we aren’t good at. We have built a technically sound club where our PRs look as good our 50% lifts. I heard multiple comments from outsiders yesterday, namely about Kelsey and Colin, saying their PRs looked better than the previous attempt. Nothing makes me more proud as a coach than creating a better mover over adding weight to the barbell. Yesterday the months of hard work paid off with great results for everyone:

Kelsey White: 1st meet, 5 of 6 lifts, Lifetime PR Clean & Jerk, silver medal.

Tina Semanoff: 1st meet, 4 of 6 lifts, Lifetime PR Clean & Jerk, gold medal.

Jessie Lam: 5 of 6 lifts, meet PR Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total, gold medal.

Colin Vowels: 1st meet, 5 of 6 lifts, Lifetime PR Snatch and Clean & Jerk, 3 state records, qualified for nationals, gold medal.

Alejandro Perez: 1st meet, 4 of 6 lifts, gold medal.

Kannon Howerton: 1st meet, 5 of 6 lifts, gold medal.

We are so proud of our team and how far they have come. We have our eyes set on bigger goals now. Thank you all for all the hard work. Now let’s work harder!!!”

Thank you Chad! This is so inspiring! I was so impressed with these lifters and your coaching and dedication. If you would like to join the Broken Record Barbell Club and get one on one coaching from one of the best in the state, let me know and I’ll get you the details on how to do it.

Final Thoughts
Over the past year we have transformed our gym from exclusively a CrossFit gym to a full fitness facility. No matter what you choose to do or what goals you set out to accomplish, I believe we can help you get there. I love what we offer at The Point. From CrossFit to High Fitness to Burn to Olympic Weightlifting to Speed and Agility for teams to Rolling for recovery. I believe we have the best coaches and instructors around and I hope you all are getting the opportunity to utilize all the great things we have to offer.

On that note, I want to let you know that we are working on a structure that will allow everyone, no matter your current membership, to have an opportunity to get more out of our gym and what we offer. Stay tuned for more information on that and keep telling your friends to come and try us out. I’m going to need the whole Point Family to come together to continue to recover from the Covid shutdown and thrive going forward.

Coach Dan