Good afternoon!

What is The CFTP Lockdown?
Today, I want to give a clearer picture of what the lockdown is. The Lockdown is a 4-week yearly competition that is done in our regular classes. We program a workout, just like every other day, and you and your partner complete the workout but with this we will have everyone judge everyone else. It can be likened to The CrossFit Open but for teams of 2.

Who is the Lockdown for?
The lockdown is designed so that no matter what level you may be at, you can participate. We split it into 3 separate tiers with Tier 1 being the equivalent to scaled and Tier 2 being mostly Rx and Tier 3 being Rx competitive. Here is what can be expected in each tier (I’ll put down the requirements for tier 2 and tier 3, if you don’t fit into those than jump into tier 1)This list is not exhaustive and as long as one of your teammates can complete these, you should be good:

Tier 2
S2O 135/95
Toes 2 Bar
Double Unders
Cleans 185/105

Tier 3
S2O 155/105
C2B Pull-ups/Muscle Ups
Cleans 215/135

Like I said above, these are just guidelines and don’t represent everything to be seen in the lockdown but should give you a pretty good idea on which tier you and your partner should join. I will help you if you are unsure which division you and your partner should be in.

How do I sign up?
This is really simple. Get onto your PushPress App and go into Pre-orders. There is a male and a female option. Choose your size of shirt and boom you are in.
If you go into pre-orders and you do not see anything, (this happens a lot) just close down your app and log out and log back in. This should do the trick. For some it doesn’t populate till you sign out.

When do I need to be signed up by?
I would like everyone signed up before I announce WOD 1 this Wednesday night. The official deadline will be EOD Monday, when WOD 1 is due.

What if I’m going to be gone one of the weeks?
We will make it possible for you to accomplish each WOD if you sign up. You will officially have every week from Thursday to Monday night to do the workout. If you know that cannot get it done in that timeframe, please contact me and I will work with you.

What do you get for signing up?
Besides competing alongside your friends… You will receive a competition T-shirt and for those who Podium, you will be immortalized on our Lockdown Trophy along champions of year’s past and on display in our awesome trophy case (which does not exist yet but will soon!)
Myself and my coaching team will also be on the lookout for the Spirit of the Games award winners for those who display the greatest sportsmanship. This team will receive a special prize just for them.

Why should I compete?
For those of you who know me, I am a huge advocate of signing up for competitions. The reason being is that competitions challenge us and give us something to shoot for. I am more focused when I have something to work towards.
I also believe that competing brings out the best in all of us. Even if it seems scary, I have never regretted competing.

I can’t wait to get this party started. Please don’t hesitate to message me or email me with questions. If you need help finding a partner, let me know and I will find you one!

Coach Dan