10 Minute EMOM
Pick two of the following movements that have been in Opens past but we have yet to see them this year. Work on your two weakest.
-Overhead Squats
-Snatches (Dumbbell or barbell)
-Handstand Push-ups/ Handstand Walks
-Box Jumps
-Muscle Ups
-C2B Pull-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minute Moderate Bike (Keep rate above 60/55 RPM)
1 Minute Max Sit-ups
2 Minute Moderate Row
1 Minute Max D-Balls over the Shoulder 70/50
2 Minute Moderate Bike
1 Minute Max Box Jump Overs 24/20
2 Minute Moderate Row
1 Minute Max 10M Farmer Carry 35/26

*The goal of the bike and row is to keep your heart rate above 110 BPM throughout the workout while the 1 minute max efforts are meant to push you. We will total up the amount of sit-ups, D-balls, Box jump overs and sprints you complete in the 24 minutes.

Spartan WOD
3 Rounds of the above workout but substitute the following:
D-Balls = Burpees