2018 Lockdown Week 2
5 Minutes
1-Rep Max Back Squat (Both Partners)
5 Minutes
Max Distance Row
5 Minutes
1-Rep Max Deadlift (Both Partners)
*This will have two scores.
#1 will be total weight lifted between the partnership.
#2 will be the distance on the rower.
200 Points up for grabs!
No transition time.

No spotters allowed on the back squats.
Partner can help load and unload.
One bar per partnership. Partners will use same bar. There can be a bar for the back squats and a separate bar for the deadlifts.
Weight can start preloaded. CLIPS MUST BE ON BAR!
One rower per partnership. Switch as many times as you’d like.
Two scores:
Score 1 = combined weights of heaviest Back squat and heaviest Deadlift from each partner.
Score 2 = Distance on rower in the 5 minutes.
Both scores worth 100 points each.