Good Afternoon CFTP,

Welcome to July! The first week of July at The Point is pretty awesome… Not only is it the first week of “Salute The Point” but it is also our Hero Week!

Here’s what the Day 1 post looked like! Don’t forget to share, comment and like.

Salute The Point
I know I’ve explained this over and over but I just want to review. During the month of July we offer a killer 3 month deal to help us get some of your friends into The Point. This year’s deal is 3 months for $199.
We have done this for the past 4 years and it has been awesome to see the new members come in. This year we have added a couple of things that I believe will be beneficial for you to know.

1- We have added 2 extra days of required foundations. Your new to CrossFit friends will be required to attend 4 classes of foundations. We hope that this will help prepare your friends and family to join the regular classes and help them feel more comfortable with CrossFit before being thrown in with the rest of the crew.
Your friends and family will join us and attend these classes that start every Monday. So if you introduce your friend to CFTP today, they can join as early as tomorrow. If they commit to joining us later this week, we will have them come in on the 8th of July. You don’t have to know all this, just have them email me at and I will guide them through.

2- They will be assigned to a trainer who will check up on them and make sure they feel comfortable and get answers to all of their questions. This trainer will be in contact with them regularly through the 3 months which we believe will help them learn quicker and be more successful.

3- We have added incentives to attend regularly and to continue on after the 3 months. We want your friends to not only be successful during the promotion but build up their confidence and see a difference enough to continue on with us at The Point.

Thank you all again for sharing, liking, and commenting on today’s post. Also, thank you for being so willing to share The Point with your friends and family.

What is Hero Week?
Hero week at The Point runs the week of July 4th. Everyday we will complete a Hero WOD. Hero WODs are named after fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives defending our way of life and protecting us.

These WODs are arduous and many times long and drawn out. I hope that during this week, you challenge yourself to attend every day and when you attend think about the hero in which we are honoring. Think about the fallen men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I am really excited about this coming week and this coming month. I can’t wait to meet your friends. Don’t be afraid to share The Point with them. We will take care of them if you bring them in and we will do our best to make it a positive experience for them. I think you will be surprised about who of your friends is actually interested in CrossFit. You never know unless you ask.

Coach Dan