Good Afternoon CFTP,

For today’s spotlight I wanted to talk about some upcoming additions to The Point.

Kid’s Camp
The first week-long camp starts tomorrow! I am so excited and after looking at the programming for your kids, I know they are going to love it. We have broken the groups into three separate groups. First group is the age group 3-5. The second group are ages 6-9. The final age group is 10-13. The first two age groups will be going from 10:30 AM until 11:15 and the oldest age group will be from 11:15 until noon.

I think this is so awesome and I am so glad Emily has put it all together. It is so cool to be able to give our kids the opportunity to be active. Not only to be active but also to gain confidence through doing hard things. I am so grateful that my parents never let me just do whatever I wanted when I wanted and encouraged me to stay busy and challenge myself. I’ll never forget the suggestion to go outside and expend that energy elsewhere. I know it was just to get me out of their hair but I learned so many social skills by being “forced” to find a group of friends to do stuff with.

Your kids will love hanging out with other kids their age and doing what mom and dad do everyday. For three separate weeks this summer your kids have this chance. I hope they take it. In the future I would love to make it a main part of CrossFit The Point year round.

Broken Record Barbell Club

We are joining the Broken Record Barbell Club. We have the opportunity to have the founder, Chad Colunga, come to our gym twice a week, Monday and Wednesday night at 7:45, and teach us the art of Olympic Lifting. What is Olympic Lifting? There are two lifts in Olympic Lifting. The first is the Snatch. The second is the Clean and Jerk. These are movements that you all are familiar with but could all use the extra emphasized training. I’ll be there every Monday and Wednesday for my own learning.

I don’t care what skill level you are at, come and join in on the days you can. You will gain a better understand and respect for these lifts. My dream is to have our own group joining the Olympic Lifting meets in the future and performing there. You all are so strong and with a little bit of work you can be great!

I want to leave you with something I found very inspirational. I was listening to a podcast interview with Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz Rookie Extraordinaire. This interview gave me even more respect for him. He was asked what contributed to his success as a rookie.

I’m going to do my best to quote what I can because I can’t find an actual transcript:

He was asked what he learned while growing up in the Mets organization… This was his response:
“I’ve seen a lot of guys throughout MLB who I thought should have been stars but they don’t listen. That was the one thing I always heard, they don’t listen… Players I grew up playing with, ten times better than me, they don’t listen… Didn’t listen, did things their own way, got cocky. So my thing was I can’t do that. I can’t be another one of those guys… The older guys know, they’ve been here they’ve done it. For me to continue my success I have to listen. It may not always be what I want to hear but it is the right thing that I need to hear…”
-Donovan Mitchell – WOJ Pod Interview

Check out the link if you want to hear the whole interview. Really awesome.

I love this because we can’t be the greatest at everything. There is always going to be someone better and someone able to teach us something. The most successful people I have met had someone that inspired them and taught them. I believe this goes beyond just being coached in the gym, this goes with everything in our lives. When we were kids, we were stubborn and didn’t want to listen to our parents because we knew better but usually our parents give us advice from personal experience.

I have had athletes come to me and tell me, Coach so and so taught it this way but you just told me to do it this way. Who is right? My answer? YES. Every coach at The Point is going to have their own way of teaching a movement and this is a good thing! (As long as it isn’t totally wrong, of course. ;)) When I attend our classes I learn something about my movement as well. I will never tell my coaches to stop coaching me. I want that coaching to happen and I know I have something to learn. I have had numerous times that I see one of our great coaches do a modification that I would have never thought of but works perfectly for that athlete. Just because it is different from what I might have done, doesn’t make it wrong.

At the end of the day, I hope you all take every opportunity to learn something new. Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. A coach may say something one day and it may all just click and BOOM, You’re on top of the rings in a muscle up.

Coach Dan