Group Warmup
We will begin at class start time. PLEASE BE ON TIME! We all need to do better to be to class early and to get a proper warmup in. Please make a conscious effort to be early and participate in the class warmup.

4 Rounds
5 Minute AMRAP; 2 Minute Rest in between rounds
10/7 Cal Bike/Row
10 Handstand Pushups
10 Deadlifts (Weights increase during rest times)
100 Meter Run

Deadlift Weights:
AMRAP 1 = 185/125
AMRAP 2 = 225/155
AMRAP 3 = 275/185
AMRAP 4 = 315/215
*You will do the bike and row every round… If you did the bike the first round then you’ll do the row the second round. You will start each 5 minute AMRAP after the 2 minute rest where you left off the previous 5 minutes.

Spartan WOD
400 Meter Burden Carry (20/14)
400 Meter Run
400 Meter Farmer Carry 44/26
400 Meter Run
400 Meter Plate Carry 45/35
400 Meter Run