Pause squats AGAIN!
Overhead Squats
3×3 @ 65%
2×3 @75%
4 Second pause at bottom of squat

Thrusters 95/65
Bar Facing Burpees
Run 200 Meters after each round

10:30 AM Bootcamp (Still unable to find a babysitter, I apologize. If anyone is interested for $10 a time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next 4 weeks, please let me know.)
HIIT style workout: 4 rounds, 45 sec on and 10 sec off
1. DB thrusters
2. RIP trainer OH slap shot with shuffle (face side of anchor with rt shoulder toward anchor, left hand near end and right hand near rope, shuffle shuffle and press RS out striking high and shuffle back
3. Running liners
4. TRX Kneeling Ab roll out (TRX set below knees, on knees, neutral spine, face TRX and palms down slowly go forward until tension and back)
5. Wall Balls
6. Med ball burpee with side step (burpee with hands on ball, pick up ball and quickly side step low- keep going one direction and then switch to the other side)
7. Rope climb