Good Morning CFTP!

We’re back! I’ve missed you all but it was good to get out and rest my body and my mind for a bit. Been up since 3:30, so I better just get this spotlight out of the way! (YAY FOR JETLAG!)

Ever since I opened up CrossFit The Point 6 years ago, I’ve only been able to go on mini vacations here and there and they have all been stateside (I used to travel to Thailand on a yearly basis) because I have a hard time letting my hands off the reigns. While on these previous vacations I still had my mind split between vacation and the box and with the way technology is now days I was able to be away and still run things for the most part. The problem with technology is that I am able to get away while never really getting away and so this trip to Thailand was nice because I was able to, for the most part, disconnect from work.

Now, why do I share this with you? I believe it is important for all of us to be able to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. While in Thailand we were only able to have time to visit one CrossFit box, Training Ground. While I was there I realized something that I’ve allowed myself to forget, I need that hour at the box. It was so amazing to be able to go to this box and to have the trainer running the class lead us through the workout of the day and to just turn myself off and focus on me. Not only that, it was so awesome to be doing this while surrounded by like-minded individuals who were there doing the same thing and when all was said and done, giving high fives and celebrating what we all accomplished in that hour.

I want all of you to get the most out the hour you spend with us. I want all of you to be all in. I want you all to come in and leave exhausted physically but mentally refreshed. The one hour at The Point should be the best hour of your day, except your family time of course.

Another thing that I want you all to be aware of is what I like to call Vacation Jet lag. What is this? Well, many times we go on vacation and we, of course, miss CrossFit for the vacation period, a week or two and then what happens? It takes us a week or two to get back into the swing of things. Don’t let this happen to you. During this vacation season and through summer, don’t let yourself get vacation jet lag. This goes for those who travel for work as well. While it is tough sometimes to make ourselves get back into the routine, the sooner you do, the less you will lose. You all work so hard to obtain the gains you do, don’t spoil it by taking lengthy breaks. This goes for our eating habits as well. Since January 1st my eating had been on point, then I went to Thailand and boom! I’M OFF COURSE. What do I do now? Get back in the kitchen and get back into the groove of things.

Anyways, I am so excited to be back with you all again. I have been so impressed as I looked at the boards daily and saw all your personal records and all the hard work you put in every day. I am so grateful for our training team at The Point and for Dave running things while I was gone. They did a great job and we are lucky to have a team so dedicated to your success. They deserve a round of applause.

I was also super sad I missed two amazing competitions where our teams represented The Point so well. Yesterday at the Girls Gone Rx competition we had a team in both divisions and both teams ended up on the podium! Taking second place in their respective divisions! That is so awesome. Then last week we had our Fitcon Team representatives show up and show off just how strong and amazing they are and finished with a strong 5th place finish!

Thank you all for representing us and being such great ambassadors of CrossFit The Point.

Coach Dan