Trainer’s thoughts:

Coach Dan: Steve has amazed me. I love that he shared the story of when he used to adjust the workout and cut reps when he first started but realized it was just slowing his progression and when he stopped being so competitive and did what was asked of him, he began to see his progress soar. Some people after such a horrific accident would start feeling sorry for themselves and give up but Steve did just the opposite, he has surpassed what he could do before his injury. He allowed this setback actually drive him to new heights. Really inspiring.

Coach Leslie: “Steve is a great athlete. He’s very coachable and is constantly asking for feedback on movement. I was so impressed with how fast and more determined than ever he came back after his accident. The Ross’s are such a great addition to The Point!”

Coach JoAnn: “I’ve watched Steve since he started, and he doesn’t back away from any challenge. It is inspiring to see. He is consistent, and always giving his all, and then when he’s done he’s cheering on others. Plus, he’s super tall, and I have a special place in my heart for the tall crossfitters. ?”


Below are the pictures of Steve’s hand… Some have pins in the fingers and what not so that’s why I am putting them below. Continue scrolling if you don’t mind seeing that type of thing. I wanted to include them because it represents just how far Steve has come from a terrible accident.

Three months after…

1 week after surgery