Good afternoon CFTP!

First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We had well over 30 volunteers come in yesterday. We had so many, we didn’t have enough for all of them to do! I’ve been in the situation where we didn’t have enough volunteers and it makes for an exhausting day. I can firmly say, this comp was the smoothest a comp has ever been ran by us. That’s saying a lot because we have done so well in the past. This comp definitely didn’t leave me dead from exhaustion so thank you!

Huge congratulations to all the competitors but especially our competitors. We had 22 of our peeps compete yesterday and they represented us so well! Personal records were set and I was so proud to call them my athletes. Here’s the list… Be sure to ask them about the comp and congratulate them when you see them this week:

JoAnn McArthur
Lindsay Winn
Cami Taylor
Mandy Turner
Jessica Simonsen
Chelsea Zorn
Aubrey Martinez
Tashina Meldrum
Mark Altmyer
Mike Hays
Jeff Wheeler
John White
Adam Carpenter
Chris Carpenter
Steve Arnoldus
Darin Billeter
Chris Ott
Rich Naylor
Steven “Scoob” Clyde
Miguel Perez
TJ Winn
Jon Meldrum

What an amazing list and each and every one of them represented The Point in a great way.

I know I say this a lot but CrossFit The Point is more than just a place to work out. Because things were running so smoothly yesterday, I was able to sit back and observe. I went into the corner of the gym and just watched the magic happen. There was one point where three of our volunteers came running through with mops and was cleaning between WODs and they looked like professionals on the job. It was just an amazing thing to watch as our community gathered around our athletes and cheered for them. Not only were they cheering our own athletes on but also the athletes from the other 25 gyms. That is what the CrossFit community is all about.

Being a member of The Point ties you into a community who genuinely cares about your well-being. It’s a community that would go to battle for you. It’s a community that will cheer you on when you are on top and buoy you up when you are on the bottom. It’s a community that is understanding and supportive. It’s a community I proudly call my second family.

Thank you all for everything you do and be sure to congratulate the competitors above. They deserve all the praise they can get.

Coach Dan