Good afternoon CFTP,

Today I would like to spotlight all of those who competed yesterday. There were a ton of events and I am so proud of everyone who took their fitness outside and competed. I am sure I am going to miss a lot of peeps who took their fitness outside the box but I am going to spotlight those I know about… through my social media stalking!

I’d like to start with Chelsea Jensen!

Chelsea has been training for a half marathon and yesterday completed the Park City Half Marathon! Congratulations Chelsea! Way to take your training and challenge yourself outside the box.

CrossFit Evo Solid Marcus Movement Event

We had a team at the CrossFit Evo event as well! John White, Ryan Cole, Amy Merrill and Angie Patterson were on a team representing CrossFit The Point and ended up in 6th place! Coach Mandy also competed for this awesome cause and took 2nd with some CrossFit West Jordan peeps! I love that the work we put in at the gym can go to support events such as this. This event was in support of a fellow CrossFitter who was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
Our Nettie girl also went out and supported the cause by running the Marcus Movement 5k!

We also had 4 of us compete at an awesome competition hosted down at Alder CrossFit. The 801 Classic was stacked with super tough athletes. There were two divisions Rx and Elite. The Elite was stacked with regional and Games athletes and then in a few events the Rx athletes even out shined the Elite athletes. It was so much fun competing with Coach JoAnn, Coach Dave and Karissa!

If you took your fitness outside this past weekend, post a photo in the comments section in the Facebook post in our members group. I want to hear about what you did this past weekend and how your hard work paid off.

Every time I compete I always learn something. The more events I do, the more I learn about myself and the more I learn about those I compete with. Our two teams in the 801 Classic finished closer to the bottom than we did the top but I am so glad we threw our hats in the ring. I loved every minute of it. I learned quite a few things about myself and our team but I wanted to share one of them.

On Friday night we had a chipper to finish the first day. Going into the chipper JoAnn and I discussed strategy to how we were going to take on this chipper. I was going to take less of the row and she was going to take the majority of the front squats and then I was going to take the majority of the handstand pushups and me the majority of the rope climbs and blah blah blah. As the event started I felt great on the rower and decided to take an equal chunk. As we got into the dumbbell overhead squats we went fifty/fifty and then the handstand pushups. I went in with confidence but as I knocked out my first set I realized I wasn’t going to be able to stick to the plan and JoAnn was going to need to step up and she did. I don’t know if it was the earlier missed snatch that affected my elbow lockout but like the saying goes, “that’s why we play the game”. You never can predict how things are going to go until that clock starts.

JoAnn and I came back down the ladder, working together and came up 4 calories short on the rower to finish the chipper but it was a great learning experience for me. I think we all have a plan in everything we do. Whether it be at a CrossFit event or just your day in and day out plans. But nothing ever turns out the way we planned. There is always going to be something that’s going to throw a wrench in the whole thing and it is up to us to press forward and react. I recently saw a saying that said “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.”

Just because everything doesn’t go as planned in life doesn’t mean we change our goals. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Did you fail? Step back and change the plan but stay dedicated to the final destination.

Coach Dan