Lockdown WOD Week 3
7 PM Throwdown open to all!

22 Minutes
WOD 3A (100 Points)
2 Rounds
500 Meter Run Then tag
(Each partner will run 2 times)

WOD 3B (Immediately following) (100 Points)
With remaining time each partner will find the max of the following complex:
2-Front Squats

WOD 3A Rules
On the count of 3..2..1..Go… one partner will run 500 meters and then tag partner 2. Partner 2 will then run 500 meters and then tag Partner 1 again. Partner 1 will run his/her second 500 meter run and tag Partner 2 for their final run.
The athlete cannot start their run until they are physically tagged by their partner.
Score for 3A will be time completed.

WOD 3B Rules
With the remaining time both partners will find their max weight of the above complex. For example: If the team finishes WOD 3A in 10 minutes. The team will have the remaining 12 minutes to find the max for the complex.
Barbell will start out empty until you finish WOD 3A.
One barbell per partnership.

If the athlete chooses to hang squat clean the bar during the complex then that hang squat clean will count as the athlete’s first front squat.

Both front squats must be stood up all the way before the jerk is performed. It CANNOT be a thruster. You CANNOT go straight out of the front squat into the jerk. You must fully lockout your hips and knees and then complete the jerk.
WOD 3B Score will be the combined weight of both partners. Only the heaviest weight where the full complex was completed will count.