Hero WOD Friday

Written by his friend Dayton Smith:

Aaron was part of the Utah National Guard…

If you haven’t heard, sadly this last week our nation lost a Green Beret to the war in Afghanistan named Aaron Butler. I was fortunate enough to know this great man and was greatly influenced by his life. In honor of his life of service and sacrifice I came up with a hero workout to do in his honor. I would encourage everyone to do this workout in some form to show gratitude.

Aaron was one of the most passionate humans I’ve ever met. He took honor in his discipline and mental toughness. I’m sure he would thank his father for helping him develop these attributes. I remember him telling me about a rope his dad had hung from a tree in the backyard and from a young age he had to perform a number of rope climbs every day when his father got home before he could do anything else including eating dinner.

Aaron spent the entire 9 years of his adult life in the service of others. He enlisted his senior year of high school choosing to go to boot camp instead of participating in his class graduation ceremony. Aaron also served a 2 year church mission in Ghana Africa during his military service.

Aaron was only 27 years old when he died. May we always remember and strive to follow his example of selfless service.

Please share and spread the word that the entire Crossfit community may show their respect.

AB Capone (35 Minute Cap)
4 Rounds for time:

9 Rope Climbs
9 Deadlifts 365/255
27 Bar Facing Burpees

*Performed with a 20 lb vest*

Time cap 26 minutes In teams of 2:
400m Run Together
50 synchronized Push Ups
400m Run Together
50 synchronized Air Squats
400m Run Together
50 Burpees