Trainer’s impressions:

Coach Dan: I freaking love this woman! She has been with The Point for 4 years and I can’t imagine The Point with her. She is sincere and tells it how it is. I think the best way to describe her is tough. The other day she came in and said, “This is going to suck but let’s do it”. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and to work hard. She is a friend to everyone and very sincere.
As an athlete, she has constantly improved and every time I get to coach her I see improvements from the last time I coached her. Persistent and consistent.

Coach Am: “Cam is the sunshine on a bad day, she’s the warm hug and the genuine smile!
She works hard and achieves everything she wants. She’s a superstar in life, she’s an incredible mother an amazing athlete and the best friend anyone could ask for! Proud of her constant hard work! I love that lady so much!!”

Coach JoAnn: “I may have coached Cammie a few times, but mostly I see her at Beastmodes or at The Open wods that The Point hosts. She is genuine, funny and a friend to everyone. When she wods she gets work done, doesn’t matter if it’s something she loves or something she hates. Just hard work! Her whole family is awesome, and we are lucky to have them at CFTP!”

Coach Mandy: “got the pleasure of competing with her yesterday! She is an awesome person! Not only is she tough physically but you can also tell she is tough mentally!! I hope I get to do another Comp with her again sometime!!”

Love you all!

Coach Dan