Tabata Abs
Russian Twists

25 Minute AMRAP
100 Meter Run
5 Back Squats 115/75
5 Front Squats 115/75
40 Double Unders
10 Plate Facing Burpees
100 Meter Sprint
1 Minute Rest

Part 1: Begin with 10 minutes EMOM
Goblet Squats (1st minute do1 rep, 2nd do 2 reps, 3rd do 4 reps, etc. until 10 minutes where you will do 19 squats)
Part 2: 6 minute body weight Bulgarian split squats, 60 seconds on each leg for 6 minutes straight. No rest between switching
Bulgarian split squats (squats with back leg slightly elevated, can use 45 lb. plates stacked or a bench for the back leg, the front knee should remain at 90 degrees when lunging)
Part 3: 10 minute
Assaut bike max calorie….yes, I love you! 😉