Good morning CFTP,

What a beautiful day! I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.

I want to start off by congratulating our powerlifting ladies! Hillary and Leslie both dominated the scene and took first in their divisions… Not only that, Hillary came out on top as the best overall lifter! These ladies have worked so hard to get where they are at and I am so proud of them.
Leslie hit the following weights:
Back Squat: 325#
Bench: 154.9#
Deadlift: 325#
Hillary hit the following weights:
Back Squat: 402#
Bench: 203#
Deadlift: 396#
So incredible ladies! Congratulations!

Coach Jeremy’s team did an amazing job but sadly Coach Charms had to bow out after his second squat attempt with an injury. I hope to see you get healthy and dominate your next meet!

On top of the amazing performances put in by our powerlifters we had a great finish to the day with a 3rd place finish in the “Battle of the Boxes” CrossFit competition! This was so much fun! I am so glad I was able to compete along side such awesome athletes. This is definitely a competition I will never forget.
The 8 of us went into this competition knowing that we were going up against some really strong teams. The WODs were intimidating and I wasn’t too confident about what to expect. On Friday night we finished the night in 4th place after the two WODs and were ecstatic with our position going into day 2.
Day 2 of competition started off a little rough. Our team was definitely a smaller sized team compared to the field so when it came to a Row/Bike WOD we dropped a few points and was in 5th. The next two WODs were all guys and then all girls. The guys kept us afloat and then the girls helped us gain some ground with their awesome finish. The only problem was… The whole team had tore from that WOD.

I don’t usually like pictures of torn hands but this one encapsulates the effort put in by our team. The WOD these tears occurred on had 125 Pullups, 100 C2B Pullups, and 75 Bar muscle ups. The males completed all those reps and then the females did all those reps! To watch the grit our team showed on this WOD alone was inspiring.
We had one more WOD to make up points before the final. It was a chipper and this chipper was shared by all 8 of our athletes. After all the work of the chipper we barely beat the 4th place team by a mere 4 seconds! This was by far my favorite WOD.
After the last WOD they invited the top 5 teams to a final. We were still sitting in 5th but by only 5 points. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were well out of reach… At least that’s what we thought. This is where the hard work and the camaraderie really shined through.
We were all super tired and really thought, what was the point when the best we could get is 4th anyways? We were all bleedingĀ but we thought maybe the WOD wouldn’t involve our hands. Then the WOD was announced…
Athlete 1: 1 Ring Muscle up; 30 T2B
Athlete 2: 2 Ring Muscle ups; 30 T2B
Athlete 3: 3 Ring Muscle ups; 25 T2B
Athlete 4: 4 Ring Muscle ups; 25 T2B
Athlete 5: 5 Ring Muscle ups; 20 T2B
Athlete 6: 6 Ring Muscle ups; 20 T2B
Athlete 7: 7 Ring Muscle ups; 15 T2B
Athlete 8: 8 Ring Muscle ups; 15 T2B

Welp… So much for saving our hands! We all huddled up and decided who would do what and at the call of 3…2…1…Go we started the final. Each one of our athletes took on the challenge and we completed this workout. There were 5 teams in the final and only 3 were able to complete the WOD. I believe this WOD really was the perfect example of how the weekend went. We all took our strengths and contributed to the team but every one of the athletes needed to be prepared to carry their own weight.
After completing the WOD I was satisfied that we had done everything we could and we were happy and proud of our 4th place finish. We headed out to watch the podium announced and lo and behold! We were welcomed onto the podium as 3rd place finishers! Because we had finished the final WOD and the other two teams did not, they were awarded 0 points and we were able to leap frog two teams into the 3rd and final spot on the podium! It was an amazing experience and I am so proud of our team for working hard all the way to the end.

I have so many stories from this weekend I want to share here about each individual athlete and moments they shined but nobody wants to read a 50 page novel. Let’s just say they were all amazing and they were really great teammates who had each other’s backs and fought hard all weekend long.

I want to thank everyone who came out to support us. Some of you stayed the whole day and it meant so much to me and I know it meant the world to the team. I also want to thank everyone who supported us via social media. I love that we have so many who are rooting for the success of our gym and it feels so good to finally bring home some hardware for the gym.

This was a team effort and I learned so much about our team and about myself. I love competitions and I love the team aspect even more. I learned that it is never over until it is over. Going into the final, there was no mathematical way for us to get on the podium. The team in third had us by 30 points and with only 5 teams in the final it would be impossible to jump them but that is why it is so important to work until the final whistle. If we had just given up and been satisfied with a 5th place finish, then we would never been able to stand together as a team on the podium.

Once again, thank you all for the support and congratulations Fitcon Team CFTP! So proud of how you represented The Point and I am grateful for your hard work this weekend but I am even more grateful for your good attitude and great example you set. You truly showed what CrossFit The Point is all about!

Coach Dan