Good Afternoon and Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a great time this weekend and getting a chance to spend some time with your families and friends. I love this time of year and I am so excited for the warmer weather.

Warmer weather equals more and more opportunities for us to use our fitness outside of the box. This past weekend Dave, Adam and myself had the opportunity to go up to Pocatello to compete with our friends from Kulak CrossFit. I knew the athletes there would be a bit above my level but I am so glad we went up there. It was so cool to see the community up there and the well ran event. Besides a little hiccup on the timeline, it reminded me a lot about our comps. It made me reflect on just how awesome comps can be when the box community running the comp comes together. The judges were all trainers and volunteers and spent so many hours Friday and Saturday judging and setting up. It was a breath of fresh air to see another box truly work as hard as we do to run a great competition.

I want to single out my teammates a bit and praise them. Dave and Adam have put in so much hard work and it showed this past weekend. The highlight for Adam was him hitting a killer 245# Squat clean + hang clean complex after a brutal WOD. It was so smooth and was the third biggest lift in the Rx division!
The highlight for me with Dave was the first night. I told him my worse nightmare on that first WOD was for someone to be back to the barbell doing bar hopping burpees before I even got off the Thrusters. The WOD for reference was:
25 Cal Bike
25 Thrusters 135/95
25 Toes 2 Bar
25 Bar hopping burpees
So, of course Dave and I were in the same heat and as I am busting out my last few thrusters and… Here comes Dave back to his barbell with his burpees! He murdered that workout and his consistency was amazing. While my worse nightmare came true… At least it was my teammate that did it to me!

Besides the Kulak Kombat Competition we also had 3 ladies competing in the Girls Gone Rx up in Salt Lake City. Daphne, Amy and Angie competed in this last year and I loved seeing them join together to compete again. This year was unique because they set up a fundraiser for the Bright Pink organization where I believe these ladies were the biggest raisers! So proud of these girls!

The competition season is just beginning and we all have the opportunity to go out and challenge ourselves. I want to challenge everyone to get out and find something to sign up for. Adam and I were talking while we were up in Idaho and he said something that really rang true. He said when we sign up for a competition, we become a more consistent athlete.

I totally agree. Just signing up for this Kulak competition I noticed myself working harder in the gym and working smarter as well. I was focusing on my weaknesses and strengths and trying to prepare myself.

If you are looking for something to sign up for there’s no better place to look first than our own box. We are hosting the Spartacus competition coming up on May 20th. This competition will have two divisions, Rx and Scaled. I have posted about it in our page but wanted to invite you to join us this year. If you did The 2017 Open Rx you can do this comp Rx. If you scaled the Open you can do the scaled version. I would love to see a lot of CrossFit The Point competitors this year at Spartacus.

If you choose to compete in Spartacus this year… Sign up today! It is the cheapest we have ever offered for a competition. $55. After today it will go up to $70 and I would much rather have our gym peeps get the cheaper price and let all the others pay the extra. 😉 If you decide not to compete, we will really be in need of volunteers for May 20th and prefer to use only CrossFit The Point members because you all are the best, of course. So let me know if you are available to help us out.

Thanks again for being who you are and for always inspiring me personally to want to improve and do better.

Coach Dan