15 Minute AMRAP
2-4-6-8-10-12-14… and so on
Slam Balls 30/20
KB Swings 53/35
(Non-working partner will hold a static Deadlift hold 135/95)
Between you and your partner decide who does what. Each time you switch the working partner you and your partner must go to the middle of the room and complete 6 D-ball over shoulder 70/50 before continuing.

8 Minute EMOM
3 Deadlifts @ 80%
5 Strict Weighted Pullups
One partner will do 4 minutes of one movement then switch with the other partner to complete 4 minutes of the other movement.


Tabata workout (20 minutes) 20 seconds on 10 second rest and complete each set 3 times before moving to the next round,
2 minute active rest between rounds
Set 1: HR push-ups Pulse squats V-ups Jumping lunges
Set 2: Surfer turns (180 degree jump turn and 180 jump turn back) Prison jacks (stay low, jack in and out) Plank Tuck jumps
Set 3: Piked push ups (push-up and then into down dog slow) Wall sits Russian twists (KB) Floor jacks (plank position on knees or elbow, feet jack in and out)