Good Afternoon CFTP!

Huge congratulations to Lindsay on her weekend win over at “The Grinder”! It’s been a long time since I have competed and watching her dominate made this competition so much fun for me. There really was no doubt from Friday night on who was going to come out on top for the Rx women. She dominated and it was so fun to watch. This will embarrass her but over the past year I have seen all of her hard work pay off. It’s been very impressive to see just how much one can improve when they put their mind to it.

This goes for all of you at the gymas well. Often times I wish I could go back and watch myself when I started and be able to compare myself to where I am at now. Even though I can’t do that for myself,  I do that with each of you everyday. I remember when you first started and I see your improvement. I hope you all don’t lose sight on just how far you have come and what your potential is as long as you stay committed and work hard every day that you come in.

As I was competing this past weekend something really hit me. As I watched all the athletes compete, my eyes were drawn to a certain group of spectators. The group was small and sometimes forgotten about but I think they may be the most important people watching as these athletes fight WOD in and WOD out. It was the children. These little people watch as their parents fight and claw to get one more rep or five more pounds. They see and experience the pain of defeat and the triumph of victory. They are learning life lessons that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. They are learning that it is ok to lose as long as you are putting forth your best effort. They are learning life lessons that I believe are fading away in this participation trophy generation.

They are also learning healthy habits. When their parents are exercising for entertainment it makes them want to exercise. It makes watching television and playing video games a little less appealing. Not only do they learn from watching their parents at competitions but they also learn by watching all of you day in and day out in the gym. When they see that you are putting your health as a priority it makes them want to do the same thing.

I think of a song that I love. It is called “Watching you” by Rodney Atkins. You should really listen to the whole song but the chorus goes like this:

“He said, “I’ve been watching you, dad, ain’t that cool?
I’m your buckaroo, I wanna be like you
And eat all my food, and grow as tall as you are
We got cowboy boots and camo pants
Yeah, we’re just alike, hey, ain’t we dad?
I wanna do everything you do
So I’ve been watching you.””

The song illustrates just how much our children watch us and I see it everyday. The kids are in the playroom planning WODs to do while their mommy or daddy are out WODing… They want to be like you. They want to do what you do and the example we set for them matters.

With that spirit in mind, I am giving CrossFit Kids another go! With the hours we have available the best time to do CrossFit Kids is going to be at 4 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be starting these classes this Thursday! When we did a survey a few weeks back we had quite a few of you say you were interested and would be able to attend. Hopefully that is still the case. We will be running two age groups simultaneously. We will have ages 4-10 and ages 10-16. If your ten year old fits better in the older age group then that is great or if your eleven year old fits better in the younger age group then that is great. We’ll see which one fits their physical abilities.

The price will be $40/month/kid. If you have more than one kid participating then it will be $30 for each additional kid. Please get with me so I can get your kid signed up before this Thursday. I really hope to keep this class going from here on out because I can’t think of anything more important than teaching our children the importance of being healthy and getting them to love exercising.

I am looking forward to this upcoming week. There are still spots available in the “‘Twas the WOD before Christmas” competition coming up on the 10th of December. It is very likely that we’ll sell out by the end of the week so if you are debating on joining us for this comp please do it soon. I would love to have more of our own competing.

Coach Dan