Tomorrow Evening Classes are canceled! If you are available we are still in need of judges and volunteers for Friday night and Saturday for this weekend’s Spartacus Event. Even if you can only help out for a bit… It would go a long ways.

5@ 55%
5@ 65%
5@ 75%

3 Rounds at each station then switch
1 minute on 3o seconds off
Ring Dips
Overhead Walking Lunges 115/75
Calorie Row

*Score is total reps completed

Partner VS WOD
Partner 1
10 Toes 2 Bar
10 Russian KB Swings
10 Situps

Partner 2
10 Calorie Row
10 Rower Hopping Burpees

Each partner will take 4 minutes at each station then switch.
There will be a 1 minute transition.
Partner with the most reps wins. Winner Runs 400 Meters. Loser runs 800 Meters at the end of the workout.