3×4 Snatch Pulls
3×4 Power Snatches
3×4 Snatch Balance
This will all be done at a practice weight. If after your first set you and the coach feel comfortable you will increase your weight.

14 Minute AMRAP
2 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Ring Muscle Ups
3 Hang Power Snatches 115/75
2 Bar Muscle UPs
2 Ring Muscle Ups
6 Hang Power Snatches
2 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Ring Muscle Ups
9 Hang Power Snatches
So on and so forth… Muscle ups stay the same; Power snatches increase by 3 each round.

3 Rounds
30 Plate Burpees 25/15 (You will do the burpee with the plate in your hand and stand up and hoist the plate above your head.)
100 Meter Sled Push 135/90
30 Calories on the assault bike