Good Morning CFTP,

I’ve been looking forward to this post for quite a while! It is CFTP LOCKDOWN WOD #1 announcement time! Before I go into what you competitors will be expected to complete this week I want to make sure we have the teams correct and make sure everyone who has signed up is accounted for. Here is the list we have so far. If you don’t see your team on this list please let me know ASAP!

Rx Males
Dave & Thayne
Dan & Tyler
Ben & Devan
Nate & Zach
Jon & Rich
Dustin & Dallas
Steve & Adam
Danny & JJ
Jake Simons & Matt
Jake Spenser & Craig
Taryn & Navarro
Ryan Beatse & Pete
Ryan Stowe & Kenny

Scaled Males
TJ & Justin Pincock
Kurt & Eric
Justin Bertuzzi & Keith
Adam & Jared
Caleb & Ramey

Rx Females
Krishelle & Leslie
Tara & Alicia
Rachelle & Lisa Ramey
Lisa Moore & Erika
LaDee & Trisha
Emily Adamson& Michelle Newman
Kristen & Janelle
Marie & Marianne
Shante & Corinne

Scaled Females
Angie & Amy Merril
Melissa & Amber Casillas
Holly and Sheri
Amy Ghiz & Nicole
Erica & Cammie
Sara Hiatt & Camron
Stacie & Jodi
Chelsea Zorn & Jessica Simonsen
Maya & Ciara

These are the teams we have officially signed up. If I missed you please let me know. Also, I have tried to keep track of your registration payments but we’re going to have to go mostly off of an on your honor deal. If you haven’t paid the $30/team fee please do so this week.

If you are an individual who does not have a teammate but wants to participate please let me know ASAP so I can do my best to find someone for you. There is one morning female scaled currently looking for a teammate.


Now I am going to explain how this competition will work. Every Sunday Spotlight there will be an announcement of that week’s WOD. Once it is announced you will have until Saturday night to get with your partner and grab a judge and complete the WOD. You can attempt the WOD as many times as you’d like until the deadline. Standards must be kept and judges must be willing to no rep, if needed. There will be no arguing with the judge who is volunteering his/her time to judge. This is meant to be a fun competition to help us get ready for the upcoming open so let’s keep it civil. If there is negativity or arguing amongst judges and teams you may be asked to forfeit your chance to compete. Anyone can be your judge. I would recommend you get with another team and have one judge as the other team completes the WOD and then swap. The WOD must be completed during class times. The WOD will not be programmed into the weekly WODs. During this competition we will have Wednesday Nights classes; 6:45 and 7:45, as open gym nights. These hours will be a good time to meet and complete your WOD.


Scores will be updated on the board and every Sunday the current standings will be announced in the spotlight along with the next week’s WOD. Each WOD will be rewarded a certain amount of points and depending on how you place amongst your competition you will be rewarded a point value. The team with the highest points at the end of the competition will be declared the winner. Your WOD must be validated by a judge and turned into myself. We will have scorecards available.


Standards will be announced with the announcement of the WOD. The standards will be clear and must be completed as stated. Like I said, this is a fun competition but standards must be kept to make it fair for everyone competing.


Prizes will be given out to the top 3 teams in each division. The official prizes for each division will be announced within the next couple of weeks. The prizes will include:
Real Salt Lake Tickets
Membership Discounts at The Point
Supplements and Protein

Good luck to everyone participating! I can’t wait to watch this go down and to compete along side all of you. Thank you for actively looking to improve yourselves and for actively throwing yourself into competitions such as this!



14 Minute AMRAP of:

Wall Balls

Cleans (Power or Squat)

Ascending Ladder increasing by 3 reps each round (3,3,,6,6,9,9…etc.)

Male Rx Standards:
Wall Balls 20# @ 10′
Cleans @ 155#

Male Scaled Standards:
Wall Balls 14# @ 10′
Cleans @ 95#

Female Rx Standards:
Wall Balls 14# @ 9′
Cleans @ 105#

Female Scaled Standards:
Wall Balls 10# @ 8′
Cleans @ 65#

Wall Ball Standard: The first rep must begin at the full standing locked out position, (meaning you cannot start your first rep at the bottom of the squat. It must be cleaned up first).

In the wall-ball shot, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below the knee, and thrown to hit the specified target.

The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. If the ball hits low or does not hit the wall, it is a no rep.


The barbell begins on the ground. Touch-and-go is permitted. No bouncing

A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean may be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully extended with the feet in line and the elbows in front of the bar.


One partner works at a time. You may tag your partner at any time. You must physically tag your partner when switching roles. You must complete the full round before moving onto the next round. Meaning, 3 reps of wall balls and cleans must be completed before moving onto 6 wall balls.


Points Available: 100 points (Points are broke down as follows:)

1st 100
2nd 95
3rd 90
4th 85
5th 80
6th 78
7th 76
8th 74
9th 72
10th 70
11th 68
12th 66
13th 64
14th 62
15th 60

Let the games begin! Good luck to everyone.

Coach Dan