Good Afternoon CFTP,

Another great work week put in by all of you at the gym. Consistency breeds success! Remember that. Our winners of the most recent Summer Nutrition Challenge have been great examples of this and I am very proud of the results.

In this challenge we had 3 categories that you all were competing in. First one was the body fat percentage loss category; the second was the Benchmark WOD Improvement; last was the 100% sticker competition which included being 100% on the bod pod, weekly extra challenges, and finally the daily food logs.


The girl winners for the 100% Sticker Challenge are: 
Jamyn Ashby
Alicia Deibert
Holly Naylor
Chelsea Jenkins
The one male winner for the sticker challenge is:
Jon Meldrum
Each of you will receive $50!!! Awesome work!
The winners of the body fat percentage loss are…
Rikki Bowman, who lost 5% body fat during this six week challenge and
Leroy Wayman, who lost 7% body fat!
You both will receive $75!
The winners of the Benchmark WOD improvement goes to:
Rikki Bowman, who knocked off a whopping 5 minutes and 19 seconds! and
Zach Lake, who knocked off 2 minutes and 1 second off of his benchmark wod.
You both will receive $75 each!
Congratulations to all of you. Thank you all for your participation and hard work. I know challenges like this are tough but I know that as we stay dedicated and work hard the results will be worth it.
A special thanks goes out to our nutritionist Amy for all the hard work she put in this past 6 weeks. Thank you Amy!
Once again, thank you for the time you put in to improving your lives at the gym. Keep your head up. We all have ups and downs and the true test of our resolve comes on the downs. Don’t give up on yourself and always remember just how far you have come.
Coach Dan