Alright y’all! After much deliberation and contemplation I have come up with what I believe to be teams that will lead to your best personal success in this upcoming WODsomniac. These teams, while recommended, are not final until you, as a team, have gotten in contact with each other, decided on a team name, and collected the money. I really hope that these teams are to your liking. I know that you may be with someone that you have never WODed with. Guess what? That’s ok!? The great part about The Point is we are all family and you will grow to love your team over this amazing experience.

There are 8 total teams that I have put together in accordance to those of whom have expressed interest in being involved. If you are not on this list and would like to be there is still time for us to set a team up for you. Just talk to me (Dan) and I will begin the search for your perfect team.

Next to one member in each team you will see a star. That is meant to mark that individual as the team captain. This person is in charge of getting with you, collecting the money, and registering your team.

Without further suspense… HERE ARE YOUR TEAMS (in no particular order):

Team 1:

*Dan Adamson

Jake Spencer

Emily Adamson

Lisa Ramey

Team 2:

Zach Lake

Jesse Barlow

*LaDee Dangerfield

Delaney Dangerfield

Team 3:

Tyson Hymas

*Justin Cavender

Michelle Cavender

Hillary Waldron

Team 4:

Jake Simmons

Mitch Hensley

*Kristen Gerth

Carriann Harlan

Team 5:

Keagan Barnes

Taryn Culverwell

Shelley Barnes

*Amanda Allred

Team 6:

*David Martinez

Dallas Frame

Alicia Diebert

Rachelle Frame

Team 7:

*Steve Arnoldus

Ethan Burrows

Jamyn Ashby

Madison  Asyeerne

Team 8:

Caleb Diebert

*Adam Carpenter

Leslie Faragher

Erica Carpenter


There you have it! Our 8 teams for WODsomniac: The Reaping! Remember team leaders! August 1st the price shoots up $100! If you need their contact information please let me know and I will get it for you. So get the money collected and the team name picked ASAP!  Get more information here: https://www.facebook.com/WODsomniac

Thank you all for your excitement to compete! We are so lucky to have such willing and capable athletes. This is going to be an amazing experience!


Coach Dan