Personal Skill/Strength training for first 20 minutes of class. (Work on what you want to work on. Get pointers from the Trainer)



“Dan and Emily”

Partner WOD

800 Meter run Cash-in (Pray for good weather!)

5 Rounds Total

9 Deadlifts Rx- 225/155 C- 275/185 (Emily’s Favorite Movement)

14 OHS Rx – 95/65 C- 135/95 (Dan’s Favorite Movement)

Partner 1 Works while Partner 2 completes 10 Floor wipers set at 95# for both male and female. You may not switch until Partner 2 completes all 10 floor wipers.

There will be 3 bars used per partnership. If you have a male and female team you will switch weights out together. Partners are allowed to help each other get in position on the floor wipers

800 Meter Run Cash-out