Good Morning CFTP,

Final week of The Open… Only two more days to get your final WOD in. Just a little follow up from last week’s post. I hope you all have done some soul searching and some realizations about what your weaknesses and strengths are. Not only that but have written these down. After you did that I hope you wrote down goals so that in the next year you will be able overcome your weaknesses.

This week I’d like to talk about something that I truly believe in. CrossFit is a sport. It has grown to be a sport and continues to become a true measure of fitness. With that being said, the average CrossFitter is not going to the games or even Regionals but that doesn’t mean we don’t need CrossFit. I am constantly working to be the best CrossFit athlete I can. I am small and the weights get heavy but I try and give it my all. I do this because I love pushing my limits. It is so fun to see just how far we can push our bodies. I also do this because of the mental toughness I gain from not holding back and overcoming those fears that I have when a workout has a 385 pound deadlift… or a hundred Handstand Pushups… It’s exciting and frightening and it builds up my confidence and helps me believe that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.

I kind of got off on a tangent there but what I want to really drive home is that CrossFit will help you with whatever goals you may have. Those goals may include physical, professional, mental, or anything that goes on in your life. So, as you CrossFit be CrossFitting for a reason. Sign up for races! Sign up for challenges that you thought you couldn’t do before. Go for that promotion that you thought was too far out of reach. Set goals that people laugh at and call crazy! Get a little crazy… and when you do this I know you will surprise yourself. You are stronger than you think and the only limits you have you put on yourself.

I can’t wait to seek out those weaknesses in myself this upcoming year and also seek out the weaknesses of you and help you through them. Let’s band together and support each other in whatever life throws our way!

Coach Dan