The last few seconds of 14.4. Thanks again for the push everyone! Love WODing with my peeps!

Good Morning CFTP,

First of all, I have to start with some sad news… Before I could tally up the scores for the team nutrition challenge the sticker boards were discarded… I was going to guess but it really was such a close competition I didn’t dare. I apologize for this but to try and redeem ourselves we will be holding a bbq in April for all the challengers in the Nutrition Challenge. I will keep you up to date.

It’s been yet another great Open week. 4 weeks in the books. We had another great showing at the box on Friday night. I want to thank all of the volunteers and all of the athletes who came out and worked extremely hard on 14.4. I am sure many of you plan to do it again. Remember, we will be meeting at the gym today, Sunday, at 3:00 PM and then again tomorrow at 1 PM for anyone who would like to do 14.4 or redo 14.4. If you have done it, PLEASE, SUBMIT YOUR SCORES!

This week, as we get close to the end of The Open 2014, I want you all to reflect on what you have learned during this Open season. I want you to write down all of your weaknesses… Some may feel they have more than others. Write down movements that slowed you down or prevented you from doing as well as you had hoped. After you write those down I want you to make a plan of attack on how you are going to make those your strengths so when they pop up again next year, which they will, you will be prepared to conquer. Don’t let The Open 2015 catch you by surprise.

At the first of the year I asked for your goals and many of you sent them to me and I look at them daily. This has helped me to program around what you as members need. Now that you have a better idea about what you truly need to work on I want you to send me a revision of those goals. Many of you have already accomplished what you deemed as a year long goal, which is amazing but now let’s revamp our goals and see what you can accomplish the rest of the year.

The Open has been great for me to see many of you come out of the woodwork as competitors. It has been inspiring and it has also shown me what we as a gym need to work on so we can better prepare ourselves for future competitions. After this Open season ends I will be emailing those of you who sent me your goals, and hopefully a handful more of you who will send me them this week, and we will assess where we are at and what we need to do. Send your goals to crossfitthepoint@gmail.com

Thanks again for always inspiring me and inspiring those around you. You never know who is watching you and the effect you are having on them. People are watching and they see your progress. We are a community and your success is our success.

Keep up the good work.

Coach Dan