Janelle Ott coming out of nowhere and currently sitting in one of our top 3 women spots for week 3!

Good Morning CFTP,

The Open is now in full swing! Three weeks down with 2 to go. This open has brought to mind one very important aspect of CrossFit that I’d like to talk about today. The team aspect.

This team aspect comes in many different ways. The way we think of most is the cheering and pushing of our fellow athletes. The motivating screams from our CFTP family as we rep out one more deadlift or one more box jump. I felt that push from our team as I did 14.3 this past week at Saratoga Springs CrossFit. I went late and many of the crowd had left but many of our CFTP family stayed around and it was just the push I needed. There is nothing more motivating than seeing the sacrifice of time on the behalf of others. It pushes you just over the edge and at that moment you feel as if you can conquer anything.

The aspect I’d really like to focus on here is the CFTP Open Team. Each one of you who signed up for the Open is a part of our CFTP team. We are 75 people strong on our team!!! That is amazing in and of itself but the more amazing thing is how our team is doing this year. Let me first explain how this team thing works as far as counting points goes… Every week our top 3 women and top 3 men have their points counted towards our team score. In any given week it can be any six of you. So we have had three weeks go by and within that three weeks, if you count this week as of now, we have had 14 different people count for our team. You know how amazing that is?! You know what that means? For the most part teams in this region and the world will have 6-10 all stars that consistently get the top scores and without them their scores drop off dramatically. With us we have a consistent group of athletes who feed off of each other. We have athletes who are good at one thing and then other athletes who can pick up the slack when our teammates struggle. I love this. It’s exciting for me to guess who is going to step up and shine week in and week out. This is why I harp on you all submitting scores. First of all I believe that you all need credit for the hard work you put in but secondly, I need you. We all need each other. This is CFTP, we work hard together and we need one another.

So, just because you struggled on week one or two or three… I think we all did… Doesn’t mean we can afford to have you give up. I need your 100 percent effort every week. Maybe your strength has not popped out of the hopper yet. It will and I need you to be ready to answer the call. You all are an important piece to the puzzle and I am grateful that you all have chosen to share your talents with myself and our family at CFTP. Here’s to two more weeks of fun and adventure. Good luck everyone!

Coach Dan