Amber starting us off right with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem

Good Afternoon,

I am going to make this spotlight short and sweet. The clean eating challenge is over and everyone did an amazing job. I am amazed at how good you all look and how much your performance has increased. I am truly proud of all of you who did what is arguably the hardest thing to do in becoming healthy and that is changing your eating habits. Kudos to you all.

This past Friday night CFTP once again impressed myself and impressed everyone who came to the box. I had comments such as, “Best box in the state”, “Best CrossFit Throwdown I have ever been to.” , “The most amazing athletes I have seen.”, “Great atmosphere”, “Very well organized” and I have you all to thank. You brought your “A” game for sure. LaDee and all the judges were spot on and did a wonderful job of keeping things moving and fair. Coach Dave did an amazing job, once again, at being our MC. Amber sang the national anthem beautifully. Progenex was there representing. I think a sentiment from a fellow box owner explains it best when he said, “An all-in-one competition”. It really had it all. So thank you for representing CFTP so well.

Now, onto the athletes. When double unders came out I know many of you were disappointed or scared but that didn’t deter you. You still showed up and whether you got a score of 50 or a score of 350 I was so proud of you. CFTP has one of the biggest rosters in the Open in the state, if not the biggest. I love that you are willing to put your hat in the ring and do the best you can. That is all we ask of you every day and that effort is paying dividends. You all are getting stronger and looking amazing. So keep up the good work and let’s finish what you all started.

With that being said… BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR 14.1 SCORE!!! You have completed it and have done all the work. NOW SUBMIT IT! It has to be submitted by Monday at 6 PM. But don’t wait until the end. If you miss it you will have a zero next to your name. SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT. Also, make sure you are signed up as CrossFit The Point. I had multiple people sign up last year but never affiliated and their scores didn’t show up on our team or affiliate. If you don’t affiliate by tomorrow you won’t be able to.

Thanks again for being such an awesome group of people. Can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks bring.

Coach Dan