Good Morning again CFTP,

We have an exciting week ahead of us this week. This is the first week of The CrossFit Games Open. I am sure you are as excited as I am. I can’t wait for the announcement of the first WOD on Thursday. I am really excited to see how well each of you will do. My plan with this Open is to see where each of you stand, not only your physical ability but also your mental capacity to compete. For those of you who have thrown your hat in the ring I will be creating a CrossFit Comp team that will work together over the next year to help our team be even more competitive next year. It will come down to our best performers. There are some of you who have not signed up but would do very well in this competition… If you are on the fence I hope in the next 4 days you decide it is something you would like to do. Obviously it is your choice but I think it will be a great experience for you. This is one of the most fun times of the year for you as a CrossFitter. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity. If you are looking for how to sign up copy and paste this link in your browser.

The one thing I’d like to point out, it is something that Nate mentions in his CrossFit Testimonial below, is the importance of supporting your fellow athletes. Michelle Newman made a great observation the other day when she observed people cleaning up and leaving before every one of our fellow athletes had finished. This is not how we CrossFit at CFTP. When someone is working hard and the athlete next to them is cleaning up their weights it is not only distracting but disrespectful to that hard working athlete. Preferably you cheer your fellow athletes on but at the very least you should wait to clean up after your teammate has finished.

Now onto the next two people that were so kind to write out their experience. I wanted these two to share their experience for a couple of reasons. They are very new to CFTP. They have been with us for about 2 months now and have already impacted my life as a coach and I know have been a positive influence to others at the gym. Many things impress me with these two but the thing that I love the most is their willingness to work and to challenge themselves. To become a leader you must first be a great follower. Nate and JoAnn listen to what myself and what other trainers tell them. They have followed Amy’s nutrition plan religiously. When they first started I asked everyone to send me their goals and guess who was one of the first people to send me an email? When I asked who wants to do the Girls Day Out throwdown JoAnn, although nervous, threw her hat in the ring and did amazingly. When I said everyone should compete in this year’s Open, the only question they asked was how do we do it? Then they asked what it was. It’s this kind of trust and willingness that will make these two great. They are new and have a long journey ahead but the CrossFit journey starts with commitment and that is what they have brought to the table. Everything else will fall into place.

Here are their profiles:

JoAnn McArthur

While I have the chance, I want to start off by thanking everyone for being so welcoming, and supportive, and helpful…and just awesome! I felt right at home from the beginning, and I really think that CrossFit The Point is “the place”. So grateful for all of you, and I cannot wait to grow and achieve along side of so many great people!

My name is JoAnn McArthur. I am 30 years old. I grew up in Michigan in a huge mormon family. Like huge. I am one of 12 siblings, and our names all start with “J”. I played volleyball and threw discus through high school, and I enjoyed sports in general. Maybe because they are fun, or maybe because they are social (most definitely because they are social!). I moved to Utah after I graduated and found the best thing that had ever happened to me in Provo, Utah, living in Raintree Apartments. Nate and I were married in 2002, and our family of 2 has grown to a family of 6 in these short 11 years. Last December I saw the Groupon for CrossFit The Point, and since we had friends that went there (And still do! Shout out to Thayne and Nicole!), and we had discussed that we should try it out, I bought it for a Christmas present. Hands down the best present ever! I feel like I am in the middle of “The Perfect Storm”…only my story has a much better ending than th

at movie. There are 3 main factors behind that analogy, and they are 1) Family, 2) Health, and 3) My Marriage. I want to share how CrossFit brings all of those important aspects of my life together, and is changing and strengthening each one of them!

IMG_6803 copy

First up, family. Family means so much to me. Growing up in the huge family that I did, you learn some things. You learn that you have to work hard, and you might not always get recognized for it. BUT, you need to be proud of yourself! You need to work for what you want to become. Go out and get it. You are the only one holding you back, or pushing yourself forward. It prepared me for CrossFit. I also know that in a family, one person’s accomplishment is another person’s accomplishment. You celebrate together! CrossFit has that “Family” brand all over it, and it just feels like “home”. I feel invested in by our coaches, and by each person who comes to The Point to work out. I know that my success is your success. And I hope I can repay the favor to everyone who has cheered me on, or yelled at me to work harder, someday.

Second, health. The post that Dan put on Facebook the other day is amazing. CrossFit is not just about being strong, or fast, or being really good at one thing. It’s the total package. Call me crazy, but if I had to pick some people to be on my “team” for life, I can guarantee I would have a handful of CFTP members. You all know what it is like to work hard, and push through the challenges that are given every day. You ARE strong! In so many ways. The clean eating challenge has showed me that not only are you physically strong, you are all examples of being mentally strong! And that mental toughness has crossed over to other aspects of my life in the short 2 months that I have been crossfitting. I am setting goals that I never would have before, and I know I will reach them. And when I do, I will be a healthier, happier person.


Last, I can’t leave out how CrossFit has impacted my marriage. Nate and I always have enjoyed cheering for each other, but we never really understood what we were each going through. Over the past couple of years I have cheered as he finished century bike rides and triathlons, and he was there for every marathon, and when I crossed the finish line of my first 50k. It was great, and I wouldn’t change a thing, but the past 2 months have been some of the most rewarding months of our marriage. We have a date 5-6 days a week. We have pull-ups and double unders to talk about, and finally understand each other’s triumphs and frustrations. When he gets a pr, I am there and I am so proud of him. I can hear him cheering me on over the music and other chaos that goes on during the WOD, and I want to work harder. I get to grow, and become a better person, with my best friend. I am sure other couples have found other ways to accomplish this, but we have found CrossFit, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Again, I want to say thank you to EACH one of you that has made this experience all that it has been, and all that it will be. You inspire me, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for each of us!


Nate McArthur

I have lifted since I was 14. I was a wrestler and a football player in high school. As an adult I wanted to stay active. In 2011, I decided I wanted to be a triathlete, so I dropped some money and signed up for swim lessons and three triathlons. They were fun and it was fun to train. The following year I did a couple more triathlons and ran a half marathon. Once again, it was fun. In 2013, I signed up to be on a cycling team and bought a nice bike. I rode all the time and did a couple more triathlons. At the end of the summer in 2013 I said I would try CrossFit for 3 months: December, January, and February. Basically to help me with cycling, and then I would get back on the bike and start riding again. So with the help of my wife, we tried CrossFit in December 2013. Mid January I saw someone out riding on their bike, and I said to myself “That does not look fun. I never want to go back to spending hours and hours on that seat as cars go flying by at 60 mph.” Then I saw someone running and the same thought went through my head, “I don’t want to spend hours and hours pounding pavement.” Now, all I want to do is CrossFit. I LOVE IT. I love who I do it with. I love the coaches. I love the passion that we all have for it. I love that it is so family friendly. I love to see people helping each other and cheering for each other. I love that there are no mirrors because that’s not what matters. I do love to see an awesome crossfit physique though, because now I know what they went through to get that. I love that we all are on clean eating teams, and based on the sticker boards we are killing it. CrossFit is everything I have been looking for since the day after my last wrestling match in 1998.

A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday morning at the 5:30 a.m. class, we were about to start the WOD and Michelle (who was the coach that morning) said “Wait. One last thing before we start. If you finish first you go cheer on the next person, or sit and wait. Please don’t start to put your weights away until the last person is done. Don’t just go walking by someone while they are working their guts out”. As she said this she teared up a little because she is passionate about what she does. That’s what I love about CrossFit. We are a family working together to get more fit. It doesn’t matter in the wide spectrum of fitness where you are at currently. Your attitude and effort is what matters most, and that’s what I love

Has Crossfit changed my life? No. But it will, because each day it is changing me a little bit. And every day it is making me more of the person that I want to become.


Thank you Nate and JoAnn for sharing. You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to see just how far you can go.

Coach Dan

Here is Amy’s tip of the week.

As we get ready to end the challenge, the question becomes “how do we continue to maintain our results and clean eating lifestyle?” Well I’m sure that you figured out by now that it requires some forethought and preparation. You have several options, but two of the main options are using phone apps and meal plans. Below is a list of the pros and cons of each:

•       Pros of Apps:

–      Several options to choose from – Lose It, My Fitness Pal, etc.

–      You can enter your food and exercise whenever you have time

–      Provides a mobile option for recording food and exercise and most can be used on home computers also

–      Most base level apps are free (advanced options require a monthly or annual fee)

–      Flexibility to choose different foods every day, good for travel

–      You can enter your exercise, though not too accurate

–      You don’t have to plan

–      Counts calories for you, though not too accurate

•       Cons of Apps:

–      Databases can be limited in food choices

–      Databases can be inaccurate (moderate amount of guesswork)

•       Ex: Brownie – if you go to the deli and eat a brownie, do you choose the 130 calorie, 400 calorie, or 600 calorie brownie from the database

–      Time consuming to enter custom recipes and foods

–      You have to remember to enter your foods

–      You have to be completely honest about what you’re eating

–      Not about nutritious foods – simply tracks what you eat

–      Not necessarily educational

–      You monitor your own progress/limited accountability

•       Meal Plan Pros:

–      Provides structure

–      The design work is done for you. Just print out the plan, shop, cook, and eat.

–      No guesswork – more accurate for calorie control

–      Your meals are prepared for the week – grab and go – so you snack less

–      Easier for family and friends to support as they can see the plan as well.

–      Can be customized

–      More accountability if you work with someone – weekly weigh-in, etc.

–      Many are free online

–      Educational if you work with someone

–      Can take your food with you and stay on your diet – no guesswork

•       Meal Plan Cons:

–      Most free meal plans do not factor P/C/F ratios and most are done by bloggers.

–      Not as flexible in every day eating.

–      You can stay on a meal plan while traveling, but must first learn how and plan ahead.

–      Customized meal plans generally have a fee or cost


Best of luck as you continue your new lifestyle habits. Feel free to ask me any question any time!