Good Morning CFTP,

As you can see from the above pictures, we had a very busy, and very successful day yesterday. I am so proud of how well our competitors did. The thing that I am proud of most is the guts it took to sign up and do it. If they didn’t have the stomach to sign up they never would have seen what they were really capable of. Many of the ladies did the GDO Throwdown as their first competition and killed it! Rose, first time competitor, teamed up with Hillary and took second in the Deadlift ladder! JoAnn, who has been doing CrossFit just over a month teamed up with Tara, who had a baby 8 months ago!, and put on a very impressive showing! JoAnn even did Toes to Bar for the first time ever. (Competitions bring about PRs!) Jenny Huff is finally healthy since her recent injury and the first thing she did as soon as she was healthy was compete! Her partner Carriann is a competitor at heart and after training for a year to complete her first Iron Man she has dedicated herself to CrossFit and competed like a champ. Who can forget about our Mother Daughter power team! Delaney and LaDee came out of the gate fast and took first in the first WOD. It was so fun to watch as their reps added up. They are a great team.

Then finally, there are our podium winners. Amber and Kristy, coming in second, competed and gave 100 percent. I have always seen them do well at the gym day in and day out but something was different about these two ladies yesterday. They had a fire in their eyes and they pushed harder than I have ever seen them push. I have never seen Kristy so determined and it was fun to watch as they transitioned seamlessly through the first WOD and then almost completed the Deadlift ladder. It was great to watch amazing athletes compete.

Then at night we had our teens going at it. Regrettably I was unable to make it out to the Teen Throwdown at Saratoga Springs but once again the Barnes’ did not disappoint. Keagan Barnes took first and our little Ciara Barnes took 3rd! (not bad for her final day of being 13!). Not only did the Barnes’ do amazingly but so did Stone Criddle. It was his first CrossFit competition and he took 4th place! I am excited to see how high Stone could go in the near future. Our teens are perfect examples of determination. They come in and they work and they learn. They take criticism and suggestions from the trainers. They are pliable. They are willing to learn new things and are always progressing. Then when they complete this training they put their work on display by competing in not only local competitions but in world competitions. It’s inspiring and I hope we old folk can learn from them. 🙂

I am just very proud and humbled by the caliber of athletes we have walk into our gym. Many of you are probably sick of me asking (begging) you to compete in the upcoming open but the reason is, I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! That is the only reason I approach you and ask if you have signed up. I see your potential and all of your hard work and I want you to see it. Local competitions and The Open are the best way we can gauge ourselves and see what needs improvement. I have learned more in a weekend of competitions about myself than I have in a month of training in the gym. Take a chance on yourself. Do it for you! I know you all have it in you. You know if I have talked to you and if you are on the fence… GET OFF! And join your fellow peeps at CFTP in the upcoming Open. It is 2 weeks away! Sign up this week. games.crossfit.com.

Coach Dan

Amy’s Nutrition tip of the week

WEEK #5: Which diet is best?

I have 2 answers to the question of “Which diet is best?” My first answer is “the one you stick to” – the one that fits your lifestyle and goals. My second answer is to remember the first law of weight loss: The Principle of Individual Differences.  Basically, we all have different genetic blueprints. So while we may have similar responses and adaptations to certain stimuli in exercise, the rate and magnitude of those responses is limited by our individual genetics. Our natural body types, food preferences, blood types, basal metabolic rates and genetic backgrounds all influence what foods will and won’t work for our bodies. In other words, there’s no such thing as 1 size fits all regardless of what Doctor So-and-So and a diet book are trying to sell you.

We have eliminated food groups throughout this challenge. You have had 1 week “dairy free” and another week “gluten free and dairy free”. As we continue to eliminate food groups, we get closer to the Paleo plan. One thing to note is the difference between strict Paleo and modified Paleo – which can include not only tubers (like sweet potatoes) but Paleo breads and Paleo desserts as well.

Loren Cordain, author of “The Paleo Diet” discusses a few things worth mentioning here. First, your body can only process approximately 200g-300g of protein a day. Too much protein for too long can cause a condition called “protein toxicity” aka bad news for your body. So you must eat carbs (at least fruits and vegetables if you don’t eat grains or starches) and healthy fats with your proteins.

Paleo fans often use a lot of coconut oil because it’s yummy and good for you. I love it. Fans also eat a lot fat in nuts – either raw or in flours like almond flour. In fact, Cordain says most Paleo followers will eat about 40-60% fat. However, if you are trying to lose weight that much fat actually makes it harder. Oils and nuts are very high calorie. Cordain says to eat no more than 4 tablespoons a day of oils or 4 ounces of nuts a day if weight loss is your goal. He also notes not to eat more than 2 ounces of dried fruit a day.

Week 6 will be a strict Paleo plan, but we will “zone” it to 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat to keep our calories and fats in check. So those of you that have been eating Paleo for most of this challenge (you’ve been ahead of the rest of us), try the Week 6 plan and see how you look and feel by the difference in ratios from what you have been eating now. For the meal planners, see what changes occur in your bodies. Your fat percent has been kept to about 20% up to this point and is being increased to 30% for Week 6. You may have a “fuller” look instead of a “leaner” look with the increase in fat. That doesn’t mean you will “gain fat” as we will keep your calories at the same level as they have been.

It’s week 5…only 1 week left. Keep up the great work!