Our teens are great examples of competing. They give 100 percent and most importantly they COMPETE! Let’s take their example and learn from it. It is time for you to start competing!

Happy Groundhog Day!

Another solid week of hard work put in at the gym. I have a few things that I have noticed and would like to point out this week. First thing I want to congratulate everyone who accomplished their goals they set for January. It is amazing how much can be accomplished when we set goals and time limits on ourselves. It forces us to put forth the extra effort that is needed to succeed and to accomplish those goals. So congratulations to you and lets keep this going. For those who may have fallen a bit short on their goals… Regroup and reset your goal. You are much closer than you were a month ago so don’t let that work go to waste. Set your goal for a future date and continue working towards it.

Now, I would like to bring up something that has been bothering me… What happened to our competitors?! This past weekend there were three huge competitions and we had nobody representing from our gym. I put some of the blame on myself. Maybe you were unaware of the competitions and I will do a better job of keeping you all informed. We have such amazing athletes and these competitions are so much fun and build so much character. We need to come together and start competing together. So, to help facilitate that I am resurrecting our old competitors page on Facebook. I will try and invite all of you to join it and I will constantly post about upcoming events. I am also starting a Competitor’s WOD on Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM. During this time slot we will be working on weaknesses and performing WODs that I have seen in competitions. If you truly want to be a part of the CFTP competition team you need to be here. I invite everyone who wants to better prepare themselves for competitions to come to these competitor WODs on Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM.  We have the open coming up and everyone should sign up. Here’s the link: https://games.crossfit.com/cf/login?returnTo=%2Fregister-athlete&flow=games It is a perfect opportunity to compete in the comfort of our own walls. It will help you see what you need to work on in the upcoming year and see where you stand. There are competitions throughout the year and I expect CFTP to be participating in these competitions. There are also many races that will be coming up this year and Ryan will be setting up a CFTP Race Team Facebook Page as well so look out for that.

I have so much confidence in you as athletes. You all bring so much to the table and I believe in you. It is time to show others that hard work and dedication pays off.  Thank you all for setting goals and sticking to them. For those of you who may have missed sending me your fitness goals or are new to the gym and would like to send me specific goals and time lines please do so as soon as possible. I will add you to my board and we will work together to accomplish those goals. For those of you who did send me your goals please continue to keep me updated as I send out emails to you. Send me your updates and for those who have new goals send them to crossfitthepoint@gmail.com. I am here for you and if you need my help please email me and we will work together to be successful.

Coach Dan

This portion is brought to you by Amy Robinson. Just as she has promised it contains ways to eat healthy at restaurants. Good luck this week as you add no dairy.

WEEK #3 – Eating clean while eating out


I often use my dining out meals as my free meals.  However there are many times when I may find myself out at a restaurant on a day when I still want to eat clean. So what do you order when you’re out for a date night, at lunch with the kids, or hanging out with friends? Here’s a list of restaurants and what to order at each of them.


IHOP – they have a Simple & Fit menu where most things are fairly clean. The calories are listed next to each item.

  • Café Rio/Costa Vida – fire grilled chicken salad – wheat tortilla, black beans, no rice, no tortilla strips. The tortilla is pretty high in calories if you’re watching calories.
  • Jason’s Deli – they have an all you can eat salad bar. They also have several healthy wraps and sandwich choices, but watch your sauces and generally order no cheese on it.
  • Rumbi – teriyaki chicken bowl with brown rice. Order a full size so you get enough protein but only eat half the brown rice if watching calories.
  • Olive Garden – Venetian Apricot Chicken with Minestrone soup – no salad or breadsticks. I generally order the apricot on the side but this is my favorite meal.
  • Macaroni Grill – Grilled Chicken Spiedini with salad (no cheese or croutons with dressing on the side), no breadsticks
  • Mimi’s Café – Fall harvest Salad with grilled chicken, no baguette, dressing on the side (dip your fork in it). They also have a chicken and fruit dish on their “healthy” menu that is really good.
  • Bombay House/Indian – Chicken Tikka. Choose either the jasmine rice or whole wheat naan as your carb. The tandoori oven meals are quite healthy.
  • Chili’s/Applebees – Both have designated lighter choice menu items. You may want to ditch the rice if you’re eating a late dinner.
  • Longhorn Steakhouse – Flavorful under 500 menu items
  • Outback – Chicken on the Barbie, BBQ sauce on the side, veggies steamed with no oil/butter
  • Cheesecake Factory – Skinnylicious Grilled Salmon or Skinnylicious Tuscan chicken. No cheesecake – even sugar free – unless it’s a free meal.
  • Papa Murphy’s – There’s really no such thing as clean pizza unless you make it yourself, but papa Murphy’s Chicken Mediterranean DeLite is lower in calories and really, really, good. Just don’t eat the whole pizza
  • Subway/Jimmy Johns/etc. – 6” whole wheat turkey sandwich, tell them to hollow out the bread if it’s the sub kind of bread. Men order extra turkey if you’re at Subway
  • Blue Iguana/Mexican – Chicken fajitas, eat 1 or 2 corn tortillas and the rest with a fork, no sour cream, rice or refried beans.
  •         Chik-fil-A – Grilled chicken sandwich with fruit cup or side salad. Most fast food places have a grilled chicken sandwich, but Chik-fil-A’s is the cleanest of all of them. And the kids’ meals are the healthiest of all fast food places as well.

And if all else fails and there’s nothing on the menu – simply special order a piece of grilled chicken and steamed veggies, no oil or butter. I do it all the time. They’ll look at you like you’re crazy – but who cares? IF the server gets my order right and keeps my water glass full, they get a bigger tip

What about places like Souper Salad or Sweet Tomatoes? I generally avoid places like that unless it’s a free meal day. There are just too many non-healthy options. I know I won’t just go eat rabbit food – I’ll want to eat the corn bread, the pudding, the pizza, the chili, the desserts and…  But if you have good self-control, go for it.

Restaurant meals will still be ridiculously high in sodium even if you special order. So drink a little extra water to help minimize the water retention the next day. Remember, most restaurants are happy to comply with special requests so don’t be afraid to ask. This is about a lifestyle change and learning to eat clean while eating out is a big step forward!