Partner WOD

CFTP is the bank and we are giving you a loan worth $20,000 for guy/guy and 17,500 guy/girl and 15,000 girl/girl

1 pound = $1

You will use one bar between you and your partner. You will switch out your own weights if needed.

While your partner works you have two choices. You can either rest or help pay off your loan by doing farmer’s carries 53#/35#. 1 meter = $1

The kicker. We are charging a 6 burpee interest fee every 2 minutes that must be completed immediately before you can continue to pay on your principle payment!

If you are confused… Then just come in and do it anyways! You all owe us so come in and start paying with your blood, sweat and tears.

Remember: Yoga @8 AM, WODs at 9 and 10 AM. and kids class at 11 AM. Also Coach Dave will be sticking around at 11 AM if any of you want a refresher on KB movements!