Aloha CFTP,

Hawaii is beautiful. Amy is keeping me up to date on your Nutrition Challenge. It is amazing at how many of you are so willing and excited to make the lifestyle change. Amy has developed a great program and I know that if you all follow it you will be succesful in your nutrition goals. Work hard and be honest with yourself. If you have a chance go get an accurate reading on your body fat percentage… It will be really cool to see your percentage drop as you eat better and work hard in the gym.

I will continue to keep track of you from Hawaii. Keep working toward your goals and follow the strength program. The maxing is over and the strength begins this week. Be consistent and challenge yourself during your SWOD. Below you will find your nutrition tip of the day from Amy. Excited to see you all improve.

Week #1 (Ezekiel bread):

Part of this challenge is educating you on the benefits of whole foods. This week we will talk about a healthier choice to wheat bread…Ezekiel bread


This week you will have Ezekiel bread as part of your lunch. You can find Ezekiel bread in the freezer section at most grocery stores (with other items like Amy’s frozen dinners or dairy free ice cream) or at traditional health food stores. I’ve purchased it at Harmon’s, Smith’s, Smith’s Marketplace, Whole Foods, Good Earth, and Dave’s Health and Nutrition.


Ezekiel 4:9 bread is made by Food for Life (http://www.foodforlife.com/about_us/ezekiel-49) and is made of 100% organic sprouted grains. It has a nutty flavor that I love, but it may take a day for you to get used to it… 🙂 They have several varieties of bread and also make Ezekiel english muffins and tortillas. Mmmm…. Yum!


Why sprouted?  The process of sprouting grains offers 3 main benefits: 1) sprouting neutralizes anti-nutrients which bind up minerals that prevent your body’s ability to absorb them (more on this next week); 2) sprouting activates food enzymes for improved digestion; and 3) sprouting increases vitamin content.  Sprouted wheat is lower on the glycemic index, contains more protein, fewer starches, and more niacin, B6 and folate than non-sprouted wheat. Check out the link above to see the specific benefits of Ezekiel bread.


Note that Ezekiel bread falls apart easier than refined bread and there are no preservatives, so the shelf life is not as long as refined bread. This is why it is in the freezer section at the store. You can keep your loaf in the fridge once you’re home, but I keep my loaf in the freezer. At night, I pull out the slices I will eat the next day and put them in a plastic bag. They are de-thawed by the time I’m ready to consume them.


Give it a try this week! 

Good luck everyone,