Good morning CFTP,

I had an amazing time with everyone at the bowling party last night! Thanks to all of you for coming out and joining with us. I missed all of you who couldn’t make it out. Next time… We have a special community and I appreciate the specialness each of you bring to the table. I am proud to have a gym where everyone cares so much for each other. It is a caring that extends outside the gym and I love that. Thanks again for making The Point a special place to be.

As I look on your goals on my wall I see a lot of great goals that will be accomplished inside the gym. Although, in order to achieve many of these goals you are going to need to work hard in the kitchen as well. The gym is a must but in order to get the most out of the gym time you must work hard at home and watch what you eat. In order to help facilitate this we have hired on a Certified Fitness Trainer, one of our fellow members, to run a challenge. Amy Robinson is that person and I am excited to get this started.














Amy Robinson is a Certified Fitness Trainer and owner of XFITNutrition. She started her fitness journey in 2004 working with a personal trainer and learning about whole foods nutrition. Her trainer convinced her to competing in a Figure competition in 2005, where she took 3rd place at her first show in Los Angeles, California.  She continued to compete successfully and ultimately earned her NGA Pro Figure card in 2009.

She has a Master of Business Administration Degree and has worked in Corporate Training for over 15 years, where she coached managers and executives in goal setting, accountability, and leadership.  As a result, XFITNutrition is more than just an exercise and nutrition company. With each client, she focuses on how to achieve goals and how to realistically stick with a nutrition and exercise program for life.








Challenge info:

We are excited to announce our first clean eating and CrossFit challenge of 2014!! This challenge offers new opportunities for you as a member of CrossFit The Point. This challenge will include meal plans, weekly prizes, and trainer support. We will have a meeting with ALL the details on Saturday January 18th at noon. The challenge will start Monday January 20th and continue through February 28th – the first day of the Crossfit Open.


To participate:

  • Sign up at the front desk at CFTP (be sure to include your email! You will receive meal plans via email.)
  • Cost is $10 per person and the money will be used for the weekly prizes, with a grand prize at the end.
  • Come to the meeting on Saturday the 18th at noon! Details will be explained there.

Additional Details:

·         Each week (on or before Saturday) you will receive an email with the following week’s meal plan. There will be a male and female meal plan (mainly a calorie difference)

·         Each of you will be assigned to a trainer as your leader who will offer motivation through the week

·         There will be a poster in the lobby where you will place stickers for each time you WOD that week and if you followed your plan and didn’t cheat.

·         IF you eat clean all 7 days and complete 4 WODS that week, you will be eligible for the weekly prize drawing

·         At the end, whoever hasn’t cheated AND completed 4 WODS the entire challenge will win the grand prize. IF there’s more than 1 person, we’ll do a drawing.

·         Each week, we will have a nutrition tip as part of the Sunday Spotlight so you learn as you continue with the challenge

·         BONUS: Participate in the challenge and you get 10% off Progenex Recovery and Cocoon


I am really excited for this coming year and can’t wait to see your progress. Take advantage of this challenge. This challenge will only work if you put your whole heart into it. As you know with anything in life… If you half ass it you will only get half the benefits! ;).

Thanks again for being so awesome and for making it so easy to want to offer these types of events and challenges.

Coach Dan