My view from my bed. First thing I see in the morning, last thing I see when I go to bed.

Good Morning CFTP,

A lot of excitement going on at the beginning of this year. I have been receiving your New Year’s Resolutions and have been very impressed with your ambition. I can’t wait to work towards your goals and make them a reality. As you see in the picture above; I will be looking at your goals first thing when I wake up in the morning and it will be the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep at night. I hope you too have your goals up somewhere you can see them. If we are going to do this we need to commit fully. Many of you have still yet to send me your goals. If you are one of them please get them to me as soon as possible. Setting goals is not a once a year thing. If you have another goal you would like to accomplish please send it to me. I will add it to your list and we will work towards accomplishing it.

As I program the next 8 weeks out for our WODs and our strength program I am using these goals to help shape what is needed by our members. Obviously, one shoe does not fit all but I believe I can program a system that will help in your personal progression. It’s going to take dedication on your part. It doesn’t help to have a program built for you and then you come once a week. You are missing the full benefits of the program. Rededicate yourself to get to the gym. Take advantage of what is being offered at CFTP. Use the specialty classes, i.e. Coach Charms’ Power Lifting class Tuesdays at 6:30, Coach Hayden’s Olympic Lifting class on Thursdays at 6:30 PM, Yoga on Saturdays, and any other class as they begin to pop up at CFTP. Make being healthy a priority.

So I will await your goals for those who have not sent them and for those who have I expect full dedication on your part because I will be giving you 100 percent on my end. Let’s accomplish your goals and then some in 2014! Also, don’t forget about our bowling party this Saturday night at 6 PM!

Today we have a special opportunity. We get to hear, once again, from one of our amazing members and their fitness journey. Hillary Waldron has been a part of CFTP since November 2012. She works hard and is very dedicated to being the best she can be. She gives me 100 percent every time she comes through those doors and her progress shows that. She really is a delight to work out with. You can find her skipping and dancing in between her heavy squat sets. And during the squat sets you can hear a Xena Warrior Princess yell coming from her little body. I love having her at The Point and loved hearing her fitness journey. Thank you Hillary.


The other day as I was driving into work I had the impression to write down my fitness journey, something that I think about often but I’ve never physically written it down and its definitely not something I’ve shared a lot. I’m not always the best with words but hopefully my sharing this can help someone else or just keep all my amazing friends at Crossfit The Point motivated & on the right track with their own journey!

I had no idea walking into Crossfit The Point November 2012 was going to change my life in so many ways. To say I was skeptical, would be an understatement. Let me explain . . .

I’ve always had a passion for fitness. Growing up I danced, played on the High School tennis team and gained a love for running. For years I was a gym rat at the local Golds Gym and also ran several half marathons. I feel the challenges leading up to Crossfit are very common, I can’t really pin point the time but my body image became an obsession & working out was discouraging. I was doing everything in my power to be healthy. I was disciplined as I worked toward my fitness goals but my body wasn’t changing nor was it performing the way that I felt it should. I remember my sweet mom saying “With how disciplined Hillary is she should be as skinny as a rale.” Now although I didn’t care about being as “skinny as a rale” 🙂 I was in the middle of a struggle to figure out a regimun & routine that would work for my body. I was always interested in learning about new things, as long as it was healthy & safe.

During this time I decided to schedule an appointment at Total Health & Fitness, where I received personalized meal plans. Very excited about this decision, I was sure this was my answer to getting the body I had dreamed of and worked so hard for. My first appointment with my health coach was very positive. Everything he talked about made total sense, and I was soaking up everything he was educating me on. Even though I had already gained my own knowledge in nutrition, I wanted to learn more. Every week I met with my health coach, he weighed me, tested my body fat and adjusted my meal plan & workout routine for the upcoming week according to the improvements I had made. After 12 weeks of no change, this only added to my frustration, at one point he was frustrated with my lack of results and wasn’t sure where to go or what to do.

I was following my meal plans & exercise routines to the “T” but he was sure that it was something I was doing wrong. I wasn’t digesting food normally and I was constantly holding onto several pounds of water weight. I expressed my concerns and disappointment. He suggested I go see a hormonal replacement doctor. That was the only suggestion he had left. He referred me to a doctor and I made the appointment. There I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and my side affects were the inability to lose weight, water retention and being fatigued.

Again I thought this was my answer thinking once I start taking this pill, ill drop the weight. I WAS WRONG AGAIN!!! The things the doctor would say were not satisfying me, I wasn’t happy with the thought of taking a thyroid pill the rest of my life. I knew there had to be a way to get over this hump. Although the thyroid pill did help with my fatigue, my body didn’t change. I began researching and reading books on how to treat the thyroid to help myself find a balance.

I continued to treat my thyroid, eat clean, train hard at the gym and run half marathons. I got to the point where I knew I had to be satisfied with my body. It was hard to deal with but I knew I was working against genetics & hormones sometimes work against us. Even though my outward appearance wasn’t reflecting my hard work, I knew I was doing all that I could and I was going to continue to keep that lifestyle because it was what I loved!

In May of 2011, I had the opportunity to donate my kidney to one of my older brothers who has a rare kidney disease. He had reached the point of needing a second kidney transplant. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience not only for the obvious reason of helping my brother to live a healthier & longer life but it was a learning & growing experience for me personally. This kind of surgery is pretty extensive and recovery was 2-3 months. I’m sure you can guess main lesson I learned? It was patience and I learned first hand how amazing our bodies its abilities to heal itself,

As soon as the doctor said I could, I began physical activity. I began slowly and did what I knew my body could handle. It was the patience I had to have with my body that helped me learn several things. During my recovery, I had started following a page on Facebook, “Recipes for Gals in Figure & Competing”. This was a place where women talked about nutrition & fitness, which again was a topic I LOVED!! When you talk about a great role model, the creator of this page, Jenny Groth, was just that. I related to her due to her thyroid disease and admired her for her complete body transformation and experience with figure competing (a goal of mine). She was the prime example to me that through patience, I could too reach my goals. It was through her that I first learned of Crossfit. I became very interested in starting but just didn’t want it to be another disappointment or fitness routine that didn’t work.

So I continued to jot down my own fitness routines, cardio and weight training, received a lot of inspiration off bodybuilding.com and followed one of my all time favorite figure competitors, Jamie Easton. Regardless of the disappointments I had had up until this point, I just kept going and doing the things I loved, the things I knew were good for me to keep my body strong and healthy. In 2012 my friend Alejandra Flores told me about The Point. Due to obvious reasons, I procrastinated getting started and waited a couple more months. I used excuses like it’s too much money, I want to be in better shape before I start. In reality, I was scared of Crossfit being another disappointment or another fitness routine that wasn’t going to help me reach my goals. The only regret I have now is that I didn’t find Crossfit sooner!

Crossfit is the only thing that has not only changed my body but my whole mind set. As women, we want to feel beautiful & attractive. Through the challenges I experienced, I felt anything but that. I will admit, my first day when Dan asked what my goals were, my main goal was to lose more weight & get the body I had been wanting. My mindset started to change after competing in the crossfit open. I really started to notice my body getting stronger. This is where I have learned to love the statement “Strong is Beautiful”. That’s what I love about Crossfit; it took me from being obsessed with my body image and downgrading myself to seeing what my body is capable of. I am now able to push myself to limits I couldn’t a year ago. It has become a hobby, and I have FINALLY started to see the benefits that come from hard work that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to experience. As I look back, I realize my body had hit a plateau, and needed intense training in order to change I still don’t have the six-pack abs but I feel I have personally found an amazing balance between Crossfit and Bikram Yoga. More than anything it was the patience in finding that balance and waiting for the changes to come. Now I have to set aside the fears I occasionally have: my thyroid, one kidney, and losing the balance I have discovered. I know that continuing to research things from a nutritional standpoint & taking care of my body through rest and maintenance, I can confidently continue to reach my goals.

Although I have a long way to go, I continue to set many goals and feel the sky is the limit!

I would like to leave you with a quote, one that is new to me, posted by Gnarly Nutrition: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” I found this not only fitting for my past experience but going into this new year focusing on the NEW and all the possiblities that can come. I hope you will all join me in focusing on the things we do have control over, and when things seem to be taking a bit longer than we anticipated, to continue in PATIENCE!

I can’t wait to see what another year brings not only for myself but all of you at Crossfit The Point. Seeing all of you progress and make changes motivates me more than ANYTHING! I am often in awe at all the amazing athletes and trainers at our gym. I truly feel so lucky to be around such amazing individuals. Our community has become one of encouragement & love. I hope that in the year 2014 we continue to use our own strengths to help those around us to become better & stronger. Whether your goals are in line with wanting to compete as a Crossfit athlete, lose weight or just to simply stay active, Continue to celebrate your accomplishments and raise the bar each time. Don’t lose sight of who you can become or who you can help along the way!

Thanks again Hillary. You are an amazing athlete.


Coach Dan