1470222_10152031683177743_1944060659_nAnother comp in the bag! Exhausted!

Good Evening CFTP,

This spotlight will be a short one but I wanted to share a little bit about this past weekend down in St. George. Some of you were there to experience it but many of you weren’t. CFTP took down 5 athletes including Dave, Ryan, Zane, Dannon, and myself. It was a grueling competition with some outstanding athletes. Everyone there gave it their all and it really turned out to be an amazing event. The thing that I took away from this comp is the old saying, “Never give up!”

This comp was personally probably the hardest competition I have been a part of. 6 WODs in 12 hours was a lot to ask for from us athletes. The first couple of events did not favor me as an athlete so I did what I could to stay competitive while prepping for the upcoming events that would better suit me. It’s tough going into an event knowing you are already behind but from all the comps I have been to I understood that in the end it all evens out and there is always a chance. The next event was the 400 Meter sprint 1 minute rest 400 meter sprint WOD. This one I knew I had a chance to place well. I gave it my all and placed 2nd. Now I tell you this because I want you all to understand that even if you have weaknesses you need to be aware of your strengths. I believe many of us, myself included, focus so much on our weaknesses that we never give ourselves a pat on the back for things we excel at. It is difficult for us not to get stuck on what we need to work on. While this is essential to growth you also need to be proud of your strengths.

The last thing I wanted to mention today is the power of a community. Once again CFTP brought the biggest crowd. I was so proud to be able to compete with our members yelling and cheering us on. I will never forget the Thruster rope climb WOD… I had one more legless rope climb left and I was 5 inches away and the noise of the crowd was deafening. There were 5 other competitors and all that could be heard were the cheers for me to reach that 5 more inches. I had nothing left in my arms. I wanted so badly to reach the top and my body just wouldn’t move. I hung there for what seemed like an eternity and those 5 inches were not coming. As I came down that rope unsuccessful I wasn’t worried about my time all I cared about was making our members proud. I attempted time and time again to get back up that rope with the remaining 2 minutes but it just wasn’t happening. At the end of the day I knew I had given it my all and I had all the support I could handle from our CFTP members. After it was all said and done they all came and gathered around me and it was just an amazing feeling.

That effort is all we can ask for. When we come into the gym we just need to give it all we got. Leave it all out there because when it is done it is done. You can’t go back and try again in that particular WOD. You have one chance in that moment to give it 100 percent. I want you all to remember this. I loved a quote by Aja Barto that I read today. He said “Not everday is going to be a personal best day. If and when those days come, stay positive, confident, and continue onward.” All you can ask for is your very best. If you did the best you could that day then that is all that is required of you.

I want to thank everyone who followed us down to St. George and cheered us on. I want to thank my fellow competitors for pushing my limits. I also want to thank all of you who couldn’t make the trip but sent your well wishes our way. I love the community at The Point and I am so lucky to have all of you. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to 100 percent of your effort in the upcoming week.


Coach Dan