Good morning CFTP,

What a week of PRs! Nothing pleases me more than to see all the CFTP athletes PRing on their lifts. Also, WOW! Three men with sub 3 “Fran” times and our top three women under 4:30! That is amazing! I remember just a year ago when I think I may have had one woman who could even Rx Fran. Now there are times put up that just blow my mind. As many of you know, I am kinda competitive… Lol. But I love that our athletes are beating me. I can’t keep up. You are pushing me to be faster, lift heavier, push harder. Thank you for showing everyone that hard work pays off. You all worked your butts off for those PRs and you deserve to be rewarded. Keep up the good work.

This is the last week of The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. You all have been amazing. As I look at your food logs and your performance WODs I am truly impressed with your dedication. We have 3 WODs that we will be completing this week. We will be redoing the benchmark WODs we did 8 weeks ago. I am super excited to see the progress made by those who are in the challenge but also from everyone in the gym. Since I will be down south at the Black Sheep Invitational CrossFit Competition we will be doing these WODs back to back to back Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. If there is a day you can’t make it please be sure to get with myself or a trainer and get them done by the end of the week. It ends Sunday! Also, don’t forget to enter all your logs and also your goals by the end of the week. We also must get our measurements all done. I will be doing them Monday through Wednesday. If we can get them all done Monday that would be best. I can’t wait to see your changes. If you have any questions please come and ask. Thanks for all of you who have made this decision to better your life through eating cleaner.

Next announcement is that we will be doing Kids Fit on Saturdays at 11:15 after Yoga. I can’t wait for your kids to come in and finally do what you do. I have seen them doing burpees and videos of them doing HSPU. Now it’s time for them to come and get fit at CFTP. For the first month we will be doing it once a week on Saturdays. We will have you sign each kid up for $20/month. Coach LaDee will be running this class and has some great ideas. Your kids will love it! If you have questions about this please let me know. Start your kids off early to a healthy and fit life.

Finally, I want to thank you all for being such a great community and for being a great friend to myself. This Saturday Dannon, Zane, Dave, Ryan, and myself will be competing down south for CrossFit The Point. We hope to do you all proud and represent our community. I am proud to represent such an amazing group of individuals. I know you all spread the word and I appreciate this. I love building our gym around our members. Bring in your friends and family. Every day myself and all the owners and trainers are working to make this environment a better place for you to work and grow and to reach your goals. This is your gym and we are here for you. Keep working hard on being the best you can be and we will continue to provide a place for you to work and progress.

Coach Dan