Good Morning CFTP!

What a beautiful morning. Before I get into it I want you all to sit back and be proud of what you are doing for yourself and for your lives. You are making changes that will affect you for the rest of your lives. I am proud of all of you for making such huge changes in your life. Doing CrossFit is changing more than just your bodies. It is changing you. It is challenging you and making you a better person. Besides all this you are making those around you better as well. You are creating a community where everyone within that community is trying to not only better themselves but better everyone around. Thank you for being a positive influence in the lives of our CrossFit family.

I am really excited about this upcoming week. This week we will be maxing in the following lifts: Back squats, Strict Press, Front Squats, and Deadlifts. We have completed two cycles of The Wendler Strength Program and it is now time to see your hard work pay off. No matter if you PR by 5 pounds or by 50 pounds I want you to be proud of your hard work. If you aren’t satisfied with your improvement than rededicate yourself and strive for that personal goal you have set. Any improvement is improvement. I fear sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for gains in our training. We shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate our victories. No matter how small they may seem to be. We celebrate and then we set new goals. We should be forever improving ourselves.

Fitness is a life long goal. There is no point in our life where we can say, ok… Well I am fit enough. That is what I love about CrossFit. We will never be done. I had a new member come up to me this week as I was walking stiff legged and remarked, “Doesn’t the soreness ever go away? You have been doing it for 3 years and you are walking like me.” I assured this athlete that the soreness does get better as we get stronger but if we stop being sore then we aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough. We should always strive to push ourselves to that next level. We should never be satisfied with where we are at. We should be proud of how far we have come but always looking forward to where we want to be.

So once again, take a moment and think back to the first day you walked into The Point. Think about where you started. Think about how far you have come. Pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments and personal victories you have had along the way. Share this feeling with your friends and family and put them on a path of health as well. Be the example that people need to change their lives. Now, look forward. Set goals for yourself to where you want to be in a week, a month, a year down the road. Be ambitious!

Thanks again for all your hard work. Thank you so much for volunteering this past Friday night at the Halloween Throwdown. It’s amazing how many people we have at our gym who are willing to come and judge and cheer.


Coach Dan