Good Afternoon CFTP,

WOW! Is all I can say after this past week. The gym continues to be made over by our amazing members and our gym hosted a very successful Festivus Games. Thank you again for all the hours you put in to help make this past weekend a success. I am so grateful and humbled to be surrounded by such great people.

Yesterday was a long day but could have been a lot longer if it weren’t for all the members at CFTP. I got in at about 7 AM to already have a member waiting to start setting up. Within a half hour we had all of our volunteers showing up and begging for work to do. Then the most important thing that the members/volunteers did was they stayed around. They didn’t lose that intensity. They were there all day long and did what was asked of them and then some. The judging was great and the transition was awesome. We went from division to division and event to event without any wait time in between. I had so many people come up to me and inquire where I got such awesome judges/volunteers. I was so proud to inform them they had all come from the walls of this very gym. They were astounded. I got nothing but compliments on how the event was run and how smoothly it went. I have you all to thank for this. I had moments yesterday where I could have left and the event would have just kept on going. I have to also thank our DJ Blake. He did an amazing job keeping the place filled with tunes.

Lastly I want to thank all the competitors. We had just under 100 competitors at The Festivus Games yesterday. They all pushed themselves so hard and worked tirelessly through all three WODs. For many of you it was your first event and I am so happy that you chose to step outside your comfort zone and come show off your fitness. Thank you once again for all your participation and I look forward to the next time I see you all in our next competition.

Today, I would like to talk about something that has been on my mind as of late and I want to make my stance clear. In the world of CrossFit there are so many competitions going on which I love. I love the competitive side of CrossFit. This is what originally drew me to CrossFit in the first place. Coming from being a college athlete and a prior military Sergeant I thrive on competition. I love being able to prepare for something and then go out and execute it. I believe this is much needed in our pursuit of fitness. We need those Daves and Navarros and Krishelles, to mention a few, in the world that push us to be better.  When they put up times on the board that seem ridiculous, it pushes me that much harder. I love our competitive nature at CFTP. I think it is very healthy and very positive.

With this being said, a word of caution. While being number 1 is a worthy goal. It is not everything. If, in order to be number 1, you have to sacrifice health then you have gone too far. Our first goal in life should be to be healthy. CrossFit supplements this and is a great path to put you on your path to true health but if all you care about is winning and you will do anything to get there, that is when you start looking for shortcuts. These can come in many different forms. One could be simply adding too much weight when you know that your body is not ready for it. This puts you at risk for injury. Another way could be using supplements that take away from the even playing field of the competitions. This is unfair to the other competitors and in the long run will be detrimental to your health. The competition of today is not worth the long lasting effects of tomorrow.

Be smart about your health. Be fit. Be strong. Be healthy. Eat clean. Train hard. I want more than anything to get a Regional’s team together. We are working on it every day. I know we have the potential and we can do it without hurting our health. Listen to your body and do what is best for it. If you have an acute injury then modify so that it will heal. If you have a nagging injury, rest and recover then come back stronger. If your gains aren’t coming as fast as you would like, reevaluate your food and your training. Don’t take any shortcuts. I want you all to be healthy and happy.

I really do appreciate all your hard work in the gym. I love that you strive to be the best. I truly feel like I have the best members in the world. Continue on your journey of health and work together to achieve accomplishments that you never dreamed were possible.


Coach Dan