Good Afternoon CFTP,

Congratulations on another accomplished week at The Point. This past week has been quite the eye opener for me. As many of you have noticed I have shifted most of my training hours to the morning. I did this to try and free up some of my nights but lately I have been visiting the night classes and have also seen some of my PM athletes join the morning classes. After not seeing you for a few weeks I have been astounded by the progress you have made. My AM athletes are progressing as well but when you are with them everyday sometimes it is so gradual you don’t get to see how fast the development is. Even though it has been a short period of time that I have not had the opportunity to personally coach the PM athletes you have progressed at a very accelerated rate. During a couple of my classes I even got a bit choked up seeing the difference in your bodies and the way you move. Your lifting form is getting better, your gymnastic movements are getting stronger, and most importantly your attitude is shifting. You are there for the right reasons. You are there to be fit. You are not only there for yourself but you are there for your fellow athletes. I could spend all day long on my Facebook and watch conversations going on between CFTP athletes encouraging and helping each other. I love seeing this! CrossFit is a way of life and we need each other to be successful in the pursuit of fitness.

CrossFit just came out with a video defining beauty. Ever since I started training and as we opened the doors to The Point, new athletes would come in and give me their reasons for joining. For the most part it would be to lose a few pounds or to look sexy in my swimsuit… I always had a hard time with these goals. I assured them they would accomplish them by dedicating themselves to CrossFit but it bothered me that this was what the world looked at for beauty. Being thin and shapeless. Looking good in a mirror. I think we see a change happening. People realize it’s not about the “magazine beauty” anymore. Beauty is shifting from looking good to performing well. If you are fit you will look good. You will be healthy and you will be confident in being who you are. There isn’t just one kind of person who is “beautiful”. Anyone who is comfortable in their own skin and who walks with confidence is beautiful. This goes for men and women. The human body is an amazing thing. If you feed it the right foods and if you push yourself to your personal limits, you will create a body that is beautiful.

Watch this clip from CrossFit:


Coach Dan