Good Morning CFTP,

Today, I would like to talk a bit about what is going on at The Point. I am so excited for the future of CrossFit. Right now at The Point we are training up two teams; The Summit Academy Boys Rugby Team and The Riverton High School Lacrosse Team. I have said this many times but I can’ t help but be jealous of these boys. They are receiving training that I could only dream of when I was playing soccer both in High School and College. I think it is one of the smartest thing a coach can do for their teams. The type of training CrossFit brings to the table is unmatched for the active athlete.

The obvious reasons are that CrossFit pushes the athlete to new highs when it comes to physical ability. It pushes individuals further than they thought they could go. Every time they walk into the gym it is a new challenge to conquer. So the first reason CrossFit is so beneficial is the physical benefits that the athlete receives.

The next reason, which in my opinion matters most, is the mental fortitude it builds. Since we have opened I have learned a lot about people. Very early on I can tell those who are there to push and those who are there to just go through the motions or think that it’d be something fun to do since all my friends are doing it. I see that with these teenage kids as well. I have come up to Eric, coach of the rugby team, numerous times and pointed out a boy or two and said, I bet they are one of the best on your team and I would be correct. It wasn’t the physical ability that I saw, it was the heart. CrossFit brings out the heart. I have gone to the Summit Academy Rugby games and watched… It is night and day from those who are CrossFitting at The Point and for those who aren’t. You can see the determination and the dedication in the way they act. It is quite inspiring.

The last thing and probably the thing I love most about CrossFit and especially about coaching these young teams is the team unity it creates. There is something about sweat being poured, blood being spilt and tears being shed that brings people together. A team that fails together succeeds together. Every time we come into the gym there is a challenge written on the board. It says, “Let’s see what you got.” Every time you walk in the door you accept that challenge. Every time the team shows up to The Point they know that they are not only there for themselves but they are there to better themselves so that their team can succeed. Nothing is more inspiring to me then to see athletes giving each other high fives, helping them off the ground, giving them a hug after a brutal workout, or the screams of “one more!” at the end of a workout.

Here at CrossFit The Point we are not only creating machines, we are creating the future of CrossFit. I am so excited for these kids and I can’t wait to see the fruit of their labors in the Spring when they start their next season. I know that by committing themselves to CrossFit they will be leaps and bounds above their competitors.

Coach Dan