1292933_391943767594505_1144034242_oKristen finishing up Trigirls. One of my favorite pics so far of the Operation IronWoRx.

Good Morning CFTP Members,

Another weekend, another competition in the books. 6 more of our peeps completed their first ever competition. Huge shout out to Dave Martinez… He took 3rd in the individual portion of the competition! It was inspiring to watch as he dominated the final WOD with a time of 4:04… The next closest person was over 5 minutes.

After this competition I came to realize even more the importance of support. Until you do a competition you will never understand how important it is to have someone there cheering you on. We had the greatest support out of any group out there. Our two teams may not have won anything… but you wouldn’t have known it if you were watching. My team was in the last heat of the final event and as we were finishing our 20 burpees in unison with our IBA vests on; I got a little choked up. The four of us were surrounded by our supporters yelling at us to keep going. It felt like every supporter at the event had gotten around us to push us forward. At that point in time, even though we had very little left in our tank, we could have done anything.

This goes for supporting each other at the box as well. In some workouts you are going to finish first but in many others you will not. Nothing is more demoralizing than when people have finished and they start cleaning up their weights and heading out the door while you are still there busting your butt. CrossFit is a team sport… No matter how you try and explain it. What makes us different is that we are there for each other every single workout. When we improve we improve together. We are there for each other. If you finish your workout, after you get done rolling around on the ground in pain, get up and yell! Go support your fellow athlete. The other day I did “Hotshots 19” while another class was finishing up their WOD. From time to time I will do a WOD and feel like it would just be easier to quit. I am sure we have all been there… This was one of those WODs. I thought to myself, “This WOD is just ridiculous… 3 out of 6 rounds is good enough!” But I didn’t quit. Do you want to know why? Because that 7:30 pm class that was warming up wouldn’t let me. They were yelling at me the whole time. They were supporting me. They gave me the confidence to get out of my own head and to push through to the bitter end. After the WOD I was writhing in pain but I had accomplished what I set out to do. This is what it is all about. We are a family. We support each other no matter what! Come early to a WOD and start cheering on the class before you. When you finish your WOD push your teammates to finish as well.

Thanks again for being such a supportive group. I thank all of you who made it out to Camp Williams this weekend and I also thank all the competitors. Competitions like this always give me the push I need to continue in my journey of being the fittest. Keep working hard. We have comps coming up in October. Sign up for The Festivus Games that is happening on October 19th! http://www.ezevent.com/Live/FestivusGamesatCrossFitThePoint/10192013/81083 We are hosting! The Festivus Games are designed for those who are at the beginner and novice levels. That is every one of us. If you are looking for your first competition, make it this one.

See you all in the gym.