No KB Wednesday! (Sorry!) 😉

WODsomniac Day 3


run gr8

1 Mile relay
Max Front Squats (115/75) Comp Division
Max OHS (115/75) Elite Division

* This will be a mile relay, broken up into 400 m legs. Girls will run first. Athlete not running may perform squats, but is not required to, with his or her weight to add to the team total. There is a 9 minute cap on this event. When the team finishes the mile, their time will be recorded and they will use the remaining time to continue to log squats, one athlete touching a bar at a time.

* This will be a 100 point WOD, broken into 2 parts. 50 points for the mile, and 50 points for the squat total. Each will be scored separately.

Good luck!

20 Minute Cap (For Individuals)

4 Rounds

Max Front Squats (As many squats as you can do without dropping the bar. Once you drop the bar you go for your run.)

400 Meter Run

Two scores. Total Front squats completed and Finish time.


Cash Out

Tabata Abs