WOD (Once again this WOD will be done as individuals unless you and your WODsomniac Partner are at the gym. If you come with your partner you may partner up and do the WOD just as it is to be done at WODsomniac this weekend)

8 minutes to find:
1 Rep Max Clean and jerk
(Weight may not decrease during the 8 minutes, so make sure to record a good rep each before moving up to heavy loads)

2:00 rest

8 minute cap (There will be a 20 minute cap for us)
40 DB Snatches (65/40)
(Alternating hands)
4 rope climbs (15ft)
30 DB Snatches
3 Rope Climbs
20 DB Snatches
2 Rope Climbs

* Working in pairs. Guys first, girls will immediately follow. When the guys move to the wod portion, the women from those teams will step to the clean and jerk. When the women advance to the wod, the next set of teams will move to the clean and jerk)

* Clean and jerk weights will be added together for all 4 members of the team for one score, but the men’s snatch and rope wod will be scored separately from the women’s.