Good Afternoon,

Big week for CrossFit! The CrossFit Games have been awesome to watch. It is amazing to see how far CrossFit has come over the past 7 years. I believe this is just the beginning.

Just a couple of announcements before I go into my focus for this week. Starting this Monday the 9:30 AM Class will be Monday-Thursday and will have a baby sitter.

Also, this Friday night will be the first of three Gnarly Throwdowns. The information can be found on the poster in the gym. The first event is being hosted by Copper Mountain CrossFit.

In this past week I have begun to realize more and more of how close our community is. Everything I do I do it with you guys and I see that going on within your lives as well… (Facebook Stalking). 😉 I love seeing our community going out and doing things outside the gym together. We CrossFit so we have the freedom and ability to go out and do various activities and I am happy to see that we are doing them together. We hope to plan gym activities more and more in the future. Thank you for being so great.

I really want to focus on the future of CrossFit! The reason being is the CFTP has the future of CrossFit in Delaney Dangerfield and Keagan Barnes. They both competed this past weekend at the Gauntlet Invitational. Keagan won the JV division and Delaney has just finished her first event and is leading the pack. She has two events to go and I smell podium! These young athletes have been invited from all over the country to compete and our teens are dominating! They are the future of CrossFit and I cannot wait to get them back into the gym and to see them compete in upcoming events. I am so proud of these young athletes and the hard work they put in every day. They truly are an inspiration to us all.

In closing, I would like to thank you for spreading the word. I love seeing new people come into the gym and having them know someone at the gym. It makes a huge difference. You know how intimidating CrossFit can be for a newcomer and you all do such an amazing job welcoming them. The other day I had a brand new lady come in and before I could even say anything there were three members around her teaching her the warmup movements and getting to know her. This made me so happy and I know that she appreciated it. This happens everyday at The Point and I just want you to know that it means a lot to me and I know to them as well. We are a family and you are what makes CFTP a fun place to work out and to accomplish great things. I have high hopes and aspirations for our gym in the upcoming months. I don’t think I am setting my sights too high to say that Regionals is a real possibility for CFTP next year. It’s going to take hard work and dedication but I know we can do it.

Coach Dan