Good Morning CFTP,

There is a lot happening at CFTP! We have our teams set for WODsomniac! We have a total of 7 and a half teams, with two of our teammates teaming up with a couple of people at CMCF. I am so excited for this competition. We also have a competition coming up a week from this coming Saturday in the Retro Games. Two of us will be there representing CFTP. Then, during the first 3 weeks of August we will be teaming up with Copper Mountain CrossFit and Saratoga Springs CrossFit to host the first Gnarly throwdown on Friday nights. Details of this throwdown to follow in the upcoming week. Then two weeks after WODsomniac we will have a chance to compete in the IronwoRX competition out at Camp Williams. I really hope to get a big group of us involved there.

With all this exciting stuff going on we cannot forget about CrossFit’s biggest competition that is starting this coming week. It is time to find out who the fittest man and fittest woman in the world is. That’s right! It is time for the 2013 CrossFit Games! We will have a chance to get together at a member’s house and watch the games together. We are working out the details now but it would be awesome to have you all there to enjoy in some first class CrossFit. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for further details.

With the games going on this is a perfect opportunity to have your friends and family (the skeptics) tune in and watch what CrossFit is all about. I love this time of year because we get to see the best of the best go at it in true CrossFit fashion. These athletes show what it really means to put it all on the line. They give 100 percent each time they walk out onto the playing field. For those of you competing in the upcoming competitions you should play close attention to how the pros do it. When I was at Regionals I learned so much by just observing.

While we are watching the top pros go at it we have a couple of our own out representing CrossFit The Point. Keagan Barnes and Delaney Dangerfield will be competing in the Gauntlet Invitational. They will be competing against the top teens in all of CrossFit. With that being said I want to remind everyone that we are still accepting donations to help them and their families travel out to California for this great opportunity. We will accept them through the end of the day (tomorrow) Monday.


The last thing I would like to do is to welcome another member to our CFTP Training staff. Nate Isham just passed his Level 1 Certification and will join us at CFTP. Nate is joining and already stellar group of trainers. The trainers at CFTP really care for each and everyone of your successes. This past weekend I had a chance to sit down and talk with each of them and we are so lucky to have them training at The Point. I trust each of them with your training. They are continually learning to better serve you and they each bring something special to the table. Be sure to learn from them as they begin to train more and more.

Thanks again for the opportunity and trust you have given me to train you. I really love seeing everyone’s successes and struggles. I love seeing you push through any and all fears and failures. Nothing makes me prouder than to see someone do something that they never thought was possible. The dedication I see from you all astounds me and the confidence you have to join in these upcoming competitions makes me so proud. Your hard work will pay off. You all are ready to start competing. Let’s draw inspiration and drive this upcoming week through watching CrossFit at it’s best and use that drive in the upcoming month to dominate at all the competitions we are a part of!

Coach Dan